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WWE Superstars Rally Around Sheamus After He Delivers Bad News to Fans

Since returning to WWE, Sheamus has been mourning the death of his dog while battling online trolls mocking his physique.

By Chris Phelan
Sheamus outstretches his arms while standing in the ring

A former world champion making their triumphant return to the ring should be cause for celebration, but Sheamus – finally back in WWE after an extended, injury-related absence – hasn't been in the celebratory mood lately. In fact, he's having one of the worst weeks any WWE Superstar can have outside the ring.

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During the April 15 episode of Raw, Sheamus made his long-awaited return, dispatching Ivar with relative ease to show the WWE Universe he intends to climb the ladder back to championship contention in 2024:

But ever since then, it's been all downhill outside of the ring for the Celtic Warrior.

Sheamus Announces Death of His Beloved Pet, Vesper

Sheamus stands in the ring

On April 23, Sheamus took to social media to announce that his dog, Vesper, had passed away. His Instagram caption says it all:

Vesper! My ginger shadow. From the day you walked into our lives, you brought nothing but love and joy. You stole our hearts on Christmas Day and were the greatest gift we have ever gotten. Thank you for the amazing memories, the love and the cuddles. We will never forget you or never stop loving ya. See you on the other side lassie.


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Anyone who's ever lost a pet knows the pain Sheamus is feeling today. The timing couldn't be worse – he should be focusing on shaking off the ring rust due to being out of action with a neck injury for so long. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that he was part of one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time – last year's Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat match that saw Sheamus battle Drew McIntyre and GUNTHER. His dog's passing only complicates factors that must be addressed before Sheamus can compete at the high level he's accustomed to.

Thankfully, Sheamus won't be mourning his recent loss alone. 

The WWE Locker Room Sends Their Condolences to Sheamus

Sheamus high fives the crowd as he walks to the ring

Unsurprisingly, Sheamus' WWE colleagues have quickly offered their unwavering support and condolences during this difficult time in his personal life. Superstars like Rhea Ripley (who recently relinquished her Women's World Championship), Humberto, Nikki Cross, and Alpha Academy's Otis took to the comment section to pass along kind words. Eagle-eyed fans could even spot ex-WWE Superstars like Sasha Banks, Heath Slater, and Zack Ryder chime in to support one of the most physically imposing men in the Raw locker room.

Truth be told, Sheamus' comment section reads like an all-star lineup of iconic WWE Superstars, past and present.

Even Ivar, who undoubtedly is still hurting from the beating Sheamus gave him in his return match, passed along a sincere "So, so sorry for your loss" in the Instagram comments. You always love to see the camaraderie between WWE Superstars, even if they find themselves on opposite sides of the ring most days.

Unfortunately, the passing of his pet isn't the only thing that has been weighing heavily on Sheamus' mind.

Sheamus Has Been Battling Body-Shaming Critics Since He Returned to WWE

Sheamus leans on the top rope

Since his return on April 15, online trolls have lambasted Sheamus over his physical appearance. Thankfully, the former champ has taken the criticism in stride and has even joined in on the fun, drawing attention to his apparent weight gain while explaining his unexpected physique to the WWE Universe.

It's not the first time so-called "fans" have critiqued a WWE Superstar's looks. Sheamus eventually noticed the noise and took these online trolls to task with a pointed social media post.

For those wondering why Sheamus may look a bit "out of shape" compared to his previous run in WWE, the explanation is simple: Sheamus originally planned to return as part of the upcoming 2024 WWE Draft, not at the April 15 episode of Monday Night Raw. As they often do in WWE, plans change behind the scenes, and Sheamus was called back to active duty in the ring before he had the chance to "lean out."

(We must admit, we love Sheamus' self-deprecating nickname for himself, "Sheamoose.”)

Don't worry, fans – we know for a fact that Sheamus will be in prime physical condition sooner than later. He's a noted gym rat, and before we know it, online trolls will have found another person to target and weight shame. It's the circle of life.

It can't feel good to deal with online trolls poking fun at your body and dealing with the death of a family pet at the same time, but Sheamus, nevertheless, is marching on and looking ahead. At any rate, despite this rotten, no-good week for the Celtic Warrior, his immediate WWE future looks bright. Since returning to the Raw roster, he's defeated Ivar and Shinsuke Nakamura – two opponents who aren't exactly pushovers.

Sheamus is definitively a WWE Superstar to keep our eyes on as 2024 continues – we have a feeling he's incredibly motivated to ascend back to the top of WWE.

You can tune in to Peacock to watch Backlash France on May 4. In the meantime, catch up on all things WWE Universe on Peacock.

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