Josh Holloway Picks His Ideal Companion for the Factory (Plus 9 Other Things We Learned Inside the Yonk)

At Hollywood’s hip Sayer’s Club, the Yonk came to life through an almost-eerie recreation Thursday night for the Colony season two premiere party. Despite the heavy surveillance -- or thanks to, depending on how you categorize Facebook Live -- the Colony premiere was a raucous event for the attendees of the Yonk and for the fans who participated by live-stream at home. Here are some of the highlights!

The 5 Biggest Moments From Colony Episode 6: "Yoknapatawpha"


The Resistance starts things off with a bang (crash, actually), staging an ambush that puts Will in the awkward position of protecting Proxy Snyder from his wife Katie, in a game of twisting allegiances and competing agendas playing out inside the stifling confines of the Yoknapatawpha. [Warning: Contains Episode Spoilers!]

6 Tips for Enjoying Mardi Gras at the Yonk

Enjoying Mardi Gras at the Yonk

The Transitional Authority is here to keep you safe. While employed to ensure the safety and security of all citizens, the Transitional Authority also encourages and values recreational activities. Our Hosts have graciously allowed us to recently re-open The Yonk, the New Orleans-themed bar run by the Bowman family. We at the Transitional Authority understand you may wish to partake in Mardi Gras festivities at The Yonk, and invite for you to do so. But before you imbibe, here are a few guidelines created with your protection in mind.

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