Part I

The Sinner

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

USA Network's new crime thriller, The Sinner, tackles the "why" of a grisly murder rather than the "who." That's because the suspect in question, Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel in her first major foray in television since 7th Heaven), murdered in cold blood and in plain sight. The eight-episode adaptation of Petra Hammesfahr’s 2007 bestseller premiered Aug. 2; catch our recap of the first episode below. 

Cora is caught red-handed and ready to plead guilty

What You Need To Know Before the Season 7 Premiere of Suits

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 6 of SuitsThe last episode of Suits ended on a high note, but there was so much more to the season than Mike’s triumphant return to the P.S.L. fold. If you can’t quite recall all the ins and outs (and there were a lot of them), here’s our rundown of all the important stuff to get you in prime viewing condition before the big season premiere this Wednesday.

Skin in the Game


Warning: Recap contains spoilers

It’s season seven, and with Mike back at the firm, Harvey planning to step up to managing partner, Louis reeling from his breakup with Tara, and Donna looking for something more, big things are in store for the members of PSL -- as long as they can find the courage to move forward. Check out our guide to the season seven premiere, “Skin In The Game.” 

Harvey Has the Hots for Dr. Agard


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