Colony Season 3 Premiere

Six months after fleeing the L.A. Bloc, the Bowman family is playing house in a cabin in the woods, with Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson). Snyder has a beard, Will (Josh Holloway) has a haircut, they have chickens and a breakfast routine, and also regular surveillance of a recon drone. Will and Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) fly-fish now.

Cookie Jar

Playing House

Maggie (Lennon Parham) and Emma (Jessica St. Clair) are learning self defense from an intimidatingly awesome instructor named Cookie (Lauren Weedman), and while Maggie’s fierce moves are so impressive she scores an invitation to join Cookie’s class for elite students, Emma is warned that she’s a danger to herself and should forget everything she has learned immediately. Not a problem, Cooks. 

Six Months Later


Motive Case Report #301 

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers! 

The Victim: London Montgomery, a young and beautiful socialite, who is about to celebrate her first birthday after leaving rehab. To the great shock of her family, she plans to throw a charity party in an attempt to show off her reformed ways. 

The Killer: Derek Caster, who works as a “fixer” for the wealthy Montgomery family and who definitely has a creepy Patrick Bateman vibe to him. 

Dude Ranch

Our favorite family decide to don their cow boots and hats and head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some fun and adventure in the great outdoors. While vacationing on Lost Creek Ranch, they try their hands at a little cattle herding, skeet shooting and horseback riding; there are also some big firsts, a huge surprise and an actual face off between Jay and a foe – a cowboy named Hank! 


Shawn's mother Madeleine is back in town to conduct psych evaluations for the police department, and the way she and Henry easily fell back into old habits has Shawn out of sorts.  Unfortunately Gus can't offer moral support because he has his own trouble at work.  His supervisor, Ogletree found out Gus has been moonlighting at the Psych agency, which not only is against the rules of the exclusivity contract he has with Central Coast, it also has been eating into company time.  Ogletree gives him an ultimatum.  He either quits the Psych agency or he's fired.

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