Red on Red

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

In an episode filled with double- and triple-crosses, everyone is after the Annex B files and each other. Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) makes moves that he thinks will protect him and get him closer to clearing his name, but while he’s busy playing offense he forgets to play defense and leaves a critical vulnerable spot exposed.

Plan A, everybody dies

The Well

Falling Water The Well

Warning Contains Spoilers

We open Falling Water Episode 108, “The Well,” with White Sand’s paranoid Belgian client -- a business partner of the now-deceased Belgian ambassador -- sitting in his empty penthouse office space, watching the sunset. He’s clearly having an episode of heightened paranoia, sweating and crying, hearing the sound of cicadas hissing. The mysterious scene ends with him hanging his head in defeat. Read up on what happened next below!

Burton meets with Charlotte at Aeskyton Spiritual Retreat.

Billete de Magia

Queen of the South Billete de Magia

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

The Men from Miami

James has contacted his friends in Miami to buy from them those 25 kilos of cocaine that could save Camila’s business. Of course, his real plan is to buy the drugs and then rob the money back from them. The men from Miami -- brothers John and Reggie, plus their bodyguard -- arrive in Dallas in a private jet to meet James. The robbery plan is complicated so Camila brings Teresa again to help execute it.


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