WATCH: Psych Star Dulé Hill Debuts His New Character in This Week's Suits

Harvey Specter, King of Suits banter. Gus Guster, Master of Psych repartee. So, it's only natural that when you get Gabriel Macht and Dulé Hill in the same frame, the mutual ribbing creates a few sparks! Check out the first introduction to Alex Williams, Hill's new character from this week's Suits.

Shawn, Gus, Lassiter or Juliet: Who’s the best partner for you?

B.J. had the Bear.  Washington had the Delaware.  Sherlock Holmes had Watson – or was that Alexander Graham Bell and Watson?  Oh, we forget. The point here is that chemistry is delicate.  Paired up with the proper partner, and history is made, while an incompatible compadre is like a trip on the anarchy express. What we want to know is this: Shawn or Gus, Juliet or Lassiter?  Who’s the perfect partner for your personality?  Take our quiz and find out.

Are you carefree and impulsive like Shawn or cautious and wary like Gus?

Shawn and Gus are best friends. They’re also complete opposites. But somehow, Gus’s play-it-safe attitude and academic know-how complement Shawn’s carefree lifestyle and social charm perfectly. And they’ve formed a detective team that rivals the police’s toughest squad! Who are you in this daring duo – the straight man or the wild card? Take the quiz to find out.

The PSYCH Best Friends Quiz. Which TV best friends are you most like?

Shawn and Gus definitely have a yin and yang thing going in the tradition of the greatest pairs of TV pals - each brings his own vibe and everything just clicks (even when it doesn't). And as long as there's TV, there will be TV best friends, because they come in all flavors: Chandler and Joey, Pacey and Dawson, Jerry and George, Seth and Ryan.  Oh, and ladies, we hope you'll forgive us for picking only male TV twosomes. You know how it is with dudes. You need to humor them. So humor us.  Now, how about it? Which duo do you double? Take the quiz and find out. Then, have your best friend take the quiz and compare results.


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