Shop 'Til You Draft

Diapers, Receipts, and Cardboard, oh my! 

Maryse is a modern woman, which means she knows that she never has to leave the house to get her shopping done. Mike, on the other hand, just wants to shop like everyone did in the good old days -- at the store! He and Maryse make a deal: Maryse won’t shop online for one week if Mike can buy everything they need. It seems easy enough for The Miz until he realizes that it’s the same week as his fantasy football draft, which means he won’t be able to go to Cleveland to do the draft with his high school friends.  

Miz & Maryse Alone Time

Miz & Mrs

Slumber Party

Mike and Maryse have sleeping troubles when their bedroom turns into a common area. With Monroe, Pumpkin, and Mocha all sleeping next to them, it’s nearly impossible for these superstars to get their beauty sleep on, or get anything else on for that matter. Having a baby nearly kills their sex life, but Marjo knows just how to help. When she offers to babysit Monroe for a day, Mike and Maryse finally get the space they need for an awesome main event.

The Handyman Can

Mr. Mizanin's Neighborhood

Miz & Mrs

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The Miz and Maryse always know how to make an entrance, and the entrance to their new neighborhood is no exception. Whether Mike’s playing with his noisy in-home golf simulator, or the whole family is driving around in their decked-out golf cart, the Mizanins leave a larger-than-life impression. But some of their new neighbors aren’t too thrilled about it, and they write nasty messages on the community message boards. 

Don’t Dare Do-Do


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