Part III

The Sinner

Heading into Season 2, Part III of The Sinner, we’re getting a better idea of just what Julian’s childhood has been like at Mosswood Grove -- and while there’s still plenty of secrets to uncover on the actual nature of his relationship with Vera, Bess, Adam, and the others, it’s clear that nothing is what it seems. Catch our recap of Part III below. 

Julian is arrested and tried in criminal court.

Part II

The Sinner

Now that the The Sinner’s second season has officially introduced audiences to its main murder (a troubled 13-year-old boy named Julian poisons the man and woman who are purportedly his parents, only to learn at the end of last week’s episode that those adults were traveling without a bag of Julian’s things for a “family trip” and a woman who claims to be his mother arrives to the Keller police station at end of the hour’s cliffhanger), Episode 202 slowly and methodically starts turning over the stones that could have led to Julian committing such a heinous crime.


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