Andy Greenwald on the Drama, Comedy and Power Suits of Briarpatch

Andy Greenwald Briarpatch USA Network

In an interview with USA Network, showrunner Andy Greenwald spoke about navigating the adaptation of Briarpatch from novel to TV show, utilizing the perspective he developed during his years as a critic, and what it was like working with the show's array of visionary directors and star-studded cast.

Here’s Your Summer Reading List Before The Sinner

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If you go to the beach this summer, stay away from sharp objects -– pick up a good book instead. It’ll keep your mind off the long wait you’ve endured since the last season of The Sinner, and help hone your detective skills as you figure out the mysteries central to some of these thrillers. We’ve picked a selection for you based on some of The Sinner’s central themes –- communes, child murderers, and whydunits – but you’ll have to read further if you want to see more of their connections.

Why Colony Fans Should Be Reading 1984 (Plus, These 7 Other Titles)

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Colony Reading List

From classic science-fiction to studies in psychology, the required reading list for diehard Colony fans runs an eclectic gamut. But trust us when we say that all of the titles below relate somehow to USA's heart-pumping and thought-provoking series from Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal. Here are eight titles to add to your library.

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