Shooter's Bob Lee Swagger Explained By the Author Who Created Him

Bob Lee Swagger SHOOTER

In 1993, Stephen Hunter published Point of Impact, the first novel in what would become a series of novels about Bob Lee Swagger and his family. In celebration of the upcoming premiere of ShooterUSA chatted with Mr. Hunter about his inspiration for creating Bob Lee, working with Ryan Phillippe, and the experience of seeing his book turned into TV.

Why You Need to Make 'Queen of the South' Your Next Beach Book

Queen of the South book

It’s officially vacation time, and whether you’re hanging in a hammock or backpacking across the continent, there’s no question that summer is always better with a good book. And that's why we think you need to make your next beach read Arturo Pérez-Reverte's novel Queen of the Southa gripping, satisfying story of crime, love, betrayal, and one woman's unlikely rise to queenpin.

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