The Art of the Deal

Falling Water

The Season 2 finale of USA’s Falling Water dishes out the most thrills we’ve seen yet, with plenty of loose ends tied up—and more unraveling as we speak. We learn that Bill Boerg’s long-lost sister, Katrina, is miraculously alive; Taylor Bennett finally gets what’s coming to her; and we get a better idea of why Dr. Stanislaus Ginsberg wants to abduct Tess (and it’s not for the reasons you may think). Catch up on all that and more in this week’s recap of “The Art of the Deal.”


Falling Water

Alright, folks, we’re officially midway through season two of USA’s Falling Water, and they just threw us quite the curveball this week: We finally learn the real identity of the villainous Shadowman—meanwhile, our heroic trio of Tess, Burton, and Taka are still thrown off his scent. Catch the highlights from episode 205, “Promotion,” below. 

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