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WWE's The Undertaker Rescues Wife From a Shark While on Vacation

Being married to The Undertaker has its benefits!

By Chris Phelan
Split image of The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool

The Dead Man may be retired from WWE, but that doesn't mean his days are boring!

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While on vacation in an undisclosed tropical paradise, The Undertaker and wife Michelle McCool, both ex-WWE Superstars, found themselves face-to-face with an unlikely opponent. Don't worry, WWE Universe; everyone involved is safe and accounted for. Let's look at Michelle's Twitter account for an eyewitness look at the most drama the couple has faced since the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 2020.

The Undertaker Scares Away a Curious Shark While on Vacation

Yup, that's a shark, alright.

When the unwelcomed creature interrupted Michelle McCool's relaxing beachside reading session, she did what any responsible person would: She texted The Undertaker for some much-needed backup. It wasn't long before her husband sprung into action and waded into the shallow waters for an intense staredown with the hapless shark. Although he doesn't say it expressly, we have to assume The Undertaker was seriously contemplating chokeslamming the shark – or perhaps giving it a Tombstone Piledriver. 

In a subsequent Twitter video, Michelle credited the size of her husband as the reason for the shark to eventually retreat. 

"Guess I wasn't big enough to scare him away – but you are," she told him.

Thanks to the effective staredown administered by the WWE Hall of Famer, the couple's tropical vacation was saved. In a follow-up post on Twitter, Michelle McCool confirmed that the unwelcome guest was actually a nurse shark and once again gave thanks to her husband, who she lovingly called her "protector."

When Was The Undertaker's Last WWE Appearance?

The shark bout may have some wondering about The Undertaker's last WWE appearance. While the Dead Man has been retired from active in-ring WWE competition since 2020, he most recently appeared in January 2003 during the 30th anniversary of Monday Night RAW. Not only did Undertaker interrupt an LA Knight in-ring segment to give the brash Superstar a chokeslam, but his appearance piqued the interest of the WWE Universe for one reason: His intriguing interaction with Bray Wyatt.

To this day, the WWE Universe isn't sure what Undertaker said to Bray Wyatt before he left the ring, but hopefully, in due time, we'll get answers soon. Of course, LA Knight has since shaken off the effects of that devastating chokeslam to become one of WWE's hottest Superstars in recent months – he was considered one of the odds-on favorites to take home the 2023 Money in the Bank briefcase, an honor ultimately captured by Damian Priest on July 1. 

Ultimately, we're sure the WWE Universe will see Undertaker appear in WWE in some capacity in the future, but until then, we're happy to see he's still kicking ass in his own way, even on vacation. 

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