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The White Rabbit Revealed: Explaining Bray Wyatt's Triumphant WWE Return

After weeks of speculation, the identity of the White Rabbit has been confirmed.

By Ethan Absler
Bray Wyatt

After weeks of mystery and anticipation, the WWE Universe finally had their questions about the mysterious White Rabbit answered as Bray Wyatt returned to WWE in what is already being called one of the most epic comebacks in wrestling history.

Wyatt has had a complex history in WWE, originally debuting as Husky Harris as part of the Nexus faction in 2010. He quickly returned to FCW (WWE’s original developmental territory) where he worked on his new character, the leader of the Wyatt Family. In May of 2013, the Wyatt Family debuted on the main roster before Wyatt evolved once again into the character he called “The New Face Of Fear.”

While the Wyatt Family continued to run roughshod over the WWE roster, they added and kicked out various members along the way such as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. In 2019, Wyatt debuted a new side of his character, The Fiend, who was easily the creepiest and most indestructible version of Wyatt. Despite capturing multiple WWE World Championships and the minds of the WWE Universe, Wyatt was shockingly released from the company in July 2021.

Wyatt’s release came as a surprise to the WWE Universe, which is why when Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” began playing during commercial breaks of WWE shows, fans were quick to hope it was to signal the return of The Eater of Worlds!

The White Rabbit teases didn’t stop there as WWE strategically hid multiple QR codes across RAW and SmackDown episodes over the next month. The QR codes led to various cryptic websites, riddles, and puzzles. Some investigative members of the WWE Universe tried solving the mystery, usually coming to one of three conclusions: The White Rabbit was signalling the return of Bray Wyatt, Karrion Kross, or Joe Gacy.

Well, at Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt definitively answered our questions with one of the most elaborate and well executed returns of all time. After Seth Rollins and Riddle destroyed each other inside the Fight Pit, the WWE trademark flashed in the corner of our screens to signify that the event was over. Just then, the lights in the arena turned off and the camera slowly zoomed in to various characters from The Fiend’s FireFly Funhouse, a trippy and spooky children’s show hosted by Bray himself.

Fans got confirmation that Wyatt was behind the teases though, when cameras took us inside the infamous funhouse. Cobwebs covered the interior and the wacky characters that we once saw in the funhouse — such as the Buzzard and the Pig — laid lifeless on a rotting table. The reception from the WWE Universe was impressive, but paled in comparison to the moment that Wyatt emerged from the funhouse with a “Black Phone”-inspired mask.

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This was one of the loudest receptions ever from the WWE Universe. Fans screamed as Wyatt revealed himself to be the White Rabbit before erupting in a “Holy Sh**” chant as he took off the mask to show his face. Wyatt’s return was easily one of the most elaborate of all time, however, he is known backstage as a wrestling creative genius, so we aren’t surprised Bray took us on a creepy scavenger hunt to uncover his future plan to return.

Now that WWE’s resident paranormal character is back on the roster, the WWE Universe and every superstar in the locker room has been put on notice and must keep their head on a swivel to avoid being sucked into the next Bray Wyatt cult. Wyatt is a massive return for WWE and a humongous addition to the main event scene. We are sure he will continue to push the envelope and create more innovative moments in WWE for us fans to enjoy.

In the meantime, you can relive all of your favorite Bray Wyatt moments such as defeating John Cena in a Steel Cage, his partnership with Alexa Bliss, and his amazing promos on the WWE Network on Peacock.