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WWE's Latest 'White Rabbit' Clue Is Leading Us On A Crazy Scavenger Hunt

Last week, we got a creepy game of hangman. Now, there's a TikTok account and more ...

By Ethan Absler
WWE's Rabbit Tease Tiktok Account

Last night on Monday Night RAW, WWE continued teasing the WWE Universe with another bizarre clue about the mysterious white rabbit. Like previous weeks, a QR code flashed onscreen, this one taking users to a cryptic TikTok account called _Comewithme. The user does not have a bio and is not following anybody, but a single video does exist on the channel that both creeped out fans and made us feel nostalgic.

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The video features old WWE stars edited together saying, “Who killed the world? You did.” and then ends with “Feed your head” and the numbers 40701. The caption of the video was also notable as it was a pair of coordinates, "44.244273, 7.769737."

The savvy WWE Universe took to social media to air theories, with fans pointing out that 40701 is the zip code of Corbin, Kentucky. The coordinates also lead to a picture on Google Earth of a large inflated bunny rabbit laying on the ground. From there, theories such as the white rabbit ranging from Dexter Lumis to Baron Corbin to Karrion Kross emerged, but the leading theory is still that this has something to do with Bray Wyatt.

The white rabbit teases started on the Sept. 16 episode of SmackDown when “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane played throughout the arena during a commercial break. Since then, the song has played during commercial breaks on RAW and SmackDown as well as before and after the WWE Live shows too. The clues escalated last week on RAW when a QR code flashed onscreen that brought the WWE Universe to a creepy game of hangman, which also asked “who killed the world?”

Whoever or whatever the white rabbit is, the WWE Universe can hardly wait to find out, but we don’t see the white rabbit stopping these chilling teases anytime soon. This is truly one of the most creative things WWE has done in a long time and they have built up genuine intrigue and mystery in the identity of the white rabbit. The slow burn and cryptic nature of the clues leave fans wanting more, fueling the fire of what this all could mean.

You can catch the latest clues on USA Network and check out the rest of the WWE Universe on Peacock.

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