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The White Rabbit Is Sending The WWE Rumor Mill Into Overdrive. What Are The Theories?

The mysterious QR code popping up all over the WWE Universe has us theorizing!

By Chris Phelan
Wwe Qr Code Video

It seems like the most intriguing storyline going through WWE isn’t based on a bitter rivalry or upcoming major title defense at all — no offense to Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle, and especially no offense to Roman Reigns! No, what is currently captivating the minds of the WWE Universe is the mystery of the White Rabbit and the accompanying QR codes that have been spotted at live events.

(If you’ve been living under a rock the past week, don’t worry — we’ve been covering this utterly mysterious development since it started. If you need to catch up, we’ve got you.)

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that everything that’s been happening — from fans holding up QR codes, to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” playing at random times during WWE live events, to the foreboding games of hangman — is leading to something big.

In fact, this whole White Rabbit obsession is bringing us back to 1999, when the “Countdown to the Millenium” clock would appear on Raw over a period of several months. It ignited endless internet speculation about who the countdown was referring to, and it ended in Chris Jericho making one of the most spectacular debuts in WWE history:

And if we know WWE, this is all building up to somebody big … it just has to. But a quick scan shows zero mention of anything White Rabbit-related on any of WWE’s social media channels. So if this is leading to something huge, WWE is playing coy and keeping its cards close to its chest. The company has been curiously mum on the whole situation, which stokes the fires of speculation even hotter — which is definitely fine by us.

So, let's get down to brass tacks. Here are the top theories of who is behind the whole White Rabbit phenomenon:

Karrion Kross

There have been instances of an hourglass appearing during these vignettes, which is one of the hallmarks of Karrion Kross’ presentation. Savvy fans have also pointed out that Kross once wrestled in the Lucha Underground promotion under the name of “The White Rabbit” — so we’ll be honest, all signs point to Karrion Kross being the driving force behind all of this White Rabbit buzz.

But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

We’re crossing our fingers that this is all leading to some sort of debut, or even a re-debut. Kross himself has already established himself on the SmackDown side of things, currently climbing up the ranks of title contention, so it can’t possibly be him, right?

So let’s chalk up the few links between the White Rabbit and Karrion Kross to be simply coincidences. Right? (We're only feeling mildly like the Charlie Day meme at the moment.) 

Bray Wyatt

If Las Vegas were taking bets, the safe money would be putting a few bucks on Bray Wyatt being the mastermind behind the White Rabbit.

It just makes … sense.

The White Rabbit itself is a direct reference to Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse days. The general creepy-as-all-get-out vibe is right up Wyatt’s alley; he’s made a career out of that vibe. Who can forget the series of videos leading up to the debut of The Fiend?

Of all the Superstars who have competed in WWE, Bray Wyatt is intrinsically linked to the general mood that these White Rabbit moments have had. There are seemingly allusions to his entire career in these vignettes. (Of course, ties to a Superstar as nuanced as Bray Wyatt can arguably be found anywhere you want to see those ties.)

Which brings us to an important question: Are we all wanting Bray Wyatt to come back so badly that we’re seeing what we want to see? Does the WWE Universe’s collective yearning for a Bray Wyatt return overshadow the reality of the situation?

We all want one of the most intriguing Superstars of all time to make his return to WWE, of course, but all signs point to Bray Wyatt being content living a creative life outside the realm of professional wrestling. All signs point to him having moved on from the often-chaotic nature of the business, and maybe the fans should respect the fact that Wyatt truly seems at peace with himself outside the confines of WWE.

Bray Wyatt being behind the White Rabbit makes sense because we want it to make sense. That's not to say his return wouldn't be welcomed. Because we'd all rightfully lose our minds if it is him.

Somebody Else

Maybe we’re just getting our hopes up that Bray Wyatt is behind all of this. After all, it’s been reported on The Ringer Wrestling Show podcast that Triple H has gone on the record and stated that the person behind the White Rabbit phenomenon is “somebody that nobody is talking about.”

And that statement … wow. That statement just throws us into a spiral of wild speculation. It sends us down a rabbit hole — no pun intended — of mystery.

So if it isn’t Karrion Kross and it isn’t Bray Wyatt … then who is it?

Has Sasha Banks tapped into a darker persona during her extended leave of absence from WWE? Could the continuing game of hangman directly signify that a certain elite talent will be making his debut in WWE imminently? Is it a newcomer to the professional wrestling world, somebody who is looking to make an indelible mark on their debut by getting the world speculating? 

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We’ll just throw it out there: Could the Undertaker be feeling frisky enough to be the man behind the White Rabbit? Maybe retirement isn’t all the Dead Man thought it would be, and he’s itching to be involved in WWE again. (At age 57, it’s probably safe to assume that this isn’t all leading to the Undertaker stepping out of retirement for one more match. But hey, crazier things have happened!)

It could be Karrion Kross, this could be leading to Bray Wyatt, or this could be alluding to some mystery Superstar we haven’t even thought about yet. Speculation is increasing with every single White Rabbit tease found on (and off!) WWE television.

But in the end, does it really matter who is behind the White Rabbit?

If 1999’s Millennium Clock countdown taught us anything, sometimes the journey is just as fun as the destination.

One thing is certain: Something big is about to happen in WWE. With the latest White Rabbit videos alluding to “9:23,” will we see developments at SmackDown tomorrow, which so happens to fall on Sept. 23? Or is this just the beginning of a long series of hints leading to someone coming to WWE to turn everything upside down?

We can’t wait to find out.

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