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USA Insider WWE Monday Night Raw

Cody Rhodes-Obsessed Seth Rollins Crashes His Match With The Miz, Whips Him With Belt

Seth Rollins definitely still has it out for Cody Rhodes.

By Gina Tron
Cody Rhodes adjusting his belt outside of the ring

Seth Rollins just can't seem to keep away from Cody Rhodes.

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On WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Rhodes was riding high during a match with The Miz, power slamming him before executing a figure-four leg lock. The Miz was clearly struggling and it seemed like a total win for “The American Nightmare.”

But, the nightmare that is Rollins’ obsession with Rhodes was brewing nearby. As Rhodes began climbing the top turnbuckle, ready to come crashing down on The Miz outside the ring, Rollins ran up and pushed Rhodes from his perch. As Rhodes lay defenseless outside of the ring, Rollins tackled him before punching him repeatedly in the face.

Rhodes tried fighting back, but soon found himself outnumbered as The Miz eagerly took part in Rollins' ambush. Rollins threw him into the steel ringside steps, his knee making audible contact.

Then, Rollins stooped even lower. As he was walking from the ring, he stopped to rip Rhodes’ belt out of the hands of a child in the audience; Rhodes had handed the belt to the boy before the match. Rollins then made his way back to Rhodes at the far side of the ring and viciously whipped him with the belt before finally leaving.

The wounded Rhodes took all his remaining strength to pick up the belt and return it to the child in an act of class.

The two Superstars' ongoing feud isn't likely to end any time soon. They're slated to meet at Hell in a Cell on June 5. Rollins has had it out for Rhodes ever since Rhodes defeated Rollins at last month's WrestleMania. In the ensuing weeks, Rhodes has continually gotten the better of each confrontation, beating Rollins' pal Kevin Owens, whom he'd handpicked to exact a little vicarious retribution, on April 19. They had a rematch at WrestleMania Backlash where Rhodes won again. 

Rollins then cheated Rhodes out of his shot for the United States Championship, interfering during Rhodes' bout with current titleholder Theory.

That clearly hasn't been enough satisfaction for Rollins.

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And stream Hell in a Cell on Peacock on June 5. 

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