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Kevin Owens Storms Off During Bout With Cody Rhodes, Costing Him The Match

Kevin Owens' battle with Cody Rhodes turned into a shouting match with Seth Rollins.

By Gina Tron
Kevin Owens And Cody Rhodes

Kevin Owens is quite capable of getting upset, but letting his emotions get the best of him cost him a match against Cody Rhodes on Monday Night Raw.

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Rhodes returned WWE earlier this month by beating Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and on Monday the “American Nightmare” squared off with Owens, the, uh, Canadian nightmare.

The match was, in fact, an extension of the Rollins-Rhodes feud, with Rollins handpicking Owens to square off against Rhodes in the capper to the latest action-packed installment of Raw. 

The match teetered between the two Superstars – each trading superkicks at one point – but it appeared to be Owens who had been getting the upper hand, nearly pinning Rhodes multiple times as Rollins shouted him on from ringside.

But Rhodes wouldn’t quit, and Owens (and Rollins) appeared to be growing more frustrated with his inability to get a three-count.  

Kevin Owens Being Punched By Cody Rhodes

“You got it,” Rollins yelled at Owens as he climbed the ropes in order to deliver one last decisive blow, but Rhodes recovered in time and began his own attack on the now-vulnerable Owens. Rhodes tried to suplex Owens from the top turnbuckle, but it was actually Owens who executed a superplex on the “American Nightmare,” and it looked as though that might have been the match-winner.

But Rhodes refused to go down.

As the fight moved to the ring apron, Rhodes reversed a powerbomb and sent Owens tumbling in a heap outside the ring. As the referee began the count for Owens to get back in the ring, Rollins began to seethe. 

“Kevin, get your fat ass up,” he shouted.

But Owens wasn’t taking that. He turned to Rollins, yelled that this was Rollins’ match, not his, before storming off backstage, leading to a technical win for Rhodes as the result of a count out.

Rhodes appeared disappointed to win in such a manner and his sour mood was compounded when he became the recipient of a cheap shot by the even more sour Rollins.

Rhodes and Rollins will continue their feud at WrestleMania Backlash on May 8. But the potential rift between Rollins and Owens also bears watching. They've been an imposing duo when on the same page, but could this moment of frustration spell the end of their friendship?

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