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Why Did Glenda Have Lockpick Earrings From Gina Gershon? 'Bound' Connection Explained

There was a very subtle reference to a famous Jennifer Tilly movie hidden in the latest episode of "Chucky" Season 2. 

By Tyler McCarthy

The latest episode of “Chucky” was wall-to-wall with references to real-life actress Jennifer Tilly’s life. Specifically, her 1996 movie “Bound.” However, despite some pretty overt references to the movie, one of the most subtle Easter eggs may have been missed by many viewers. 

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Perhaps the most obvious wink at “Bound” in the murder mystery-themed episode was the inclusion of Tilly’s co-stars Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano. However, a throwaway line from Glen and Glenda (Lachlan Watson) holds a much less obvious reference to the movie only diehard fans picked up.

At one point, Glen and Glenda make a targeted reference to the movie when they [SPOILER ALERT] break into the room where their mom is hiding a captive Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif). Their mother kept the room locked, but when she passes out watching “Liar Liar,” the twins pick the lock using earrings Glenda is wearing that are essentially just dangling lock picks.

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When Glen asks where they got them, Glenda explains the jewelry was a “gift from Aunty Gina.” 

Why would Gershon give Glenda lockpick earrings? The answer is simply that it was her thief character’s preferred hiding place for the tools in “Bound.”

Written and directed by the Wachowski siblings, the movie tells the story of Violet (Tilly), who meets and falls in love with Corky (Gershon). At the time, Violet is living with her boyfriend, Caesar (Pantoliano), who cleans cash for the mafia. 

When the two women realize they have a chance to break Violet out of the mob’s orbit by framing Caesar for the theft of $2 million in dirty money, they seize the opportunity with a complicated plan that goes delightfully awry. At different points in the movie, Corky pulls off her dangling earrings and uses them to get into places without a key. In its way, it’s the perfect way to hide something — in plain sight. 

Unfortunately, the gift from Aunty Gina led the twins to discover Nica and ultimately help her (and subsequently Chucky) escape Tilly’s mansion. Now, the twins are separated for the first time and focused on very different goals within their own bizarre and twisted family. 

To see how it all shakes out, tune into “Chucky” Season 2 every Wednesday at 9/8c on USA Network and SYFY. You can catch up on past episodes on Peacock right now. 

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