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Who is Brandi Rhodes? Everything to Know About the Woman Who Married Cody Rhodes

Long-time fans may recognize Cody Rhodes' wife from her previous stint in WWE. Now her story is told in American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes.

By Chris Phelan
Brandi and Cody Rhodes

Since its premiere on July 31, the WWE Universe has been buzzing over American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes. The documentary tells the tale of a man who made it his personal mission to fight his way out from under his father's shadow. Whether or not you're a wrestling fan, the documentary's mission speaks to a broad audience. But Cody Rhodes didn't do it alone.

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You can't tell his story without including his wife, Brandi. Her inclusion in the documentary was a perfect fit and helped the audience fully understand the path Cody and Brandi went down to be where they are in 2023. With that being said, here's everything you need to know about Brandi Rhodes.

When and How Did Brandi and Cody Rhodes Start Dating?

Brandi Rhodes smiles while on the red carpet of Black Adam.

The pair first met in 2011 while both were under contract to WWE and quickly fell for each other, eventually tying the knot in 2013. According to a 2016 interview with Sports Illustrated, Brandi revealed that she knew The American Nightmare was "the one" when he asked her to go on a wonderfully dorky date earlier in their courtship.

"Cody and I had a connection pretty quickly," Brandi confessed. "We were engaged pretty quickly, but my moment where I knew this was definitely the person for me was when Cody asked me on a date to Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios. Nobody had ever asked me on a date to Halloween Horror Night, and I had never been – even though I am a horror fanatic."

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(We won't lie – that's an adorable date idea!)

While Cody famously dedicated a segment in his documentary, American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes, to retelling how he first began flirting with his future wife, Brandi has already gone on the record explaining how their first kiss went down. She posted a video blog to WWE's official YouTube channel in 2014 recalling their initial steamy moment:

Brandi and Cody welcomed a daughter, Liberty, into the world in June 2021. She is already intimately familiar with pro wrestling – eagle-eyed members of the WWE Universe spotted her hugging her dad before the main event of WrestleMania earlier this year!

What Was Brandi Rhodes' Role in WWE?

Brandi Rhodes at the TNT 'All Elite Wrestling' panel.

Performing under the name "Eden Stiles" (and often just "Eden"), Brandi Rhodes spent countless days in NXT training to be a ring announcer beginning in 2011. She also sporadically appeared as a backstage interviewer on weekly WWE television shows during that period. 

Although Brandi has over 60 career matches spanning many wrestling promotions, she's never competed in an official WWE match, which is a shame – she can execute a Cross Rhodes just as well as her husband!

What Was Brandi Rhodes Best Known For in WWE?

Logan Paul should take notes – Brandi Rhodes' influencer game was strong even in the mid-2010s! While her ring announcer career never translated to a recurring gig on the main roster, she made a name for herself with her video blog series in 2014. The WWE Universe was captivated by her behind-the-scenes look at WWE productions while never shying away from peeling back the curtain on her marriage, either!

If you haven't experienced Brandi's epic series of videos, we have good news: All of her video blogs can still be found today under the official WWE YouTube account. 

What is Brandi Rhodes Doing Now?

Brandi quietly retired from in-ring competition earlier this year to focus on a new venture: Opening her own yoga and pilates studio, presumably based in her and Cody's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia!

While the fitness and wellness world waits for the opening of her studio (currently scheduled to open later in 2023), we had a chance to pass along our heartfelt congratulations through her husband when we interviewed Cody in late July. The American Nightmare admitted he is bursting with pride over his wife's hustle and passion and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the yoga community who have welcomed Brandi with open arms.

"It's a really positive community," Cody told us during our interview. "Throughout the course and the classes and now building the studio and everything – it's a great community. The yoga community, you know, they've done something right – which so many communities can't say."

Don't worry, WWE Universe – although Brandi is focusing on her career outside of the insane world of professional wrestling in 2023, she still is laser-focused on supporting her husband in his endeavors. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us to see her sitting ringside at SummerSlam during Cody's highly-anticipated match against Brock Lesnar! 

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