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Where To Follow The 'Love For The Ages' Couples On Instagram

The couples on "Love For The Ages" are still keeping fans up to speed on their lives via Instagram.

By Tyler McCarthy

It’s been a few weeks since “Love For The Ages” aired its final episode and fans got to see how the grand experiment with married couples and young singles ended. However, the whole point of the show is that life goes on and changes for everyone — so, there are probably a lot of fans who want to keep tabs on their favorites via social media.

After all, with most reality shows, the real drama tends to happen once the cameras stop rolling. Who will stay together? What will they do with their newfound fame? Is it really smooth sailing from here? All these questions and more can be answered simply by following the stars of “Love For The Ages” on Instagram. 

So, to help diehard fans of the Peacock original series, here is where you can find the three couples on Instagram. 

Silva and Sebastian

Even before the show ended, Silva and Sebastian realized they wanted to be together and left early feeling as though there was nothing more they could learn from the experiment. Today, Sebastian can be found on Instagram promoting his fitness business and sharing life with his wife.

Meanwhile, Silvia continues to show off her travels as well as her health and beauty lifestyle. The real question is whether or not their newfound realization about their love for each other stands the test of time. 

Marioxi and Richard

Unfortunately, their experience on the show taught them that they both have a lot of growing to do as individuals before they can make a relationship work the way they need it to. So, Marioxi made the difficult decision to part ways with Richard, and now they’re both living life apart. 

Those curious as to how they’re doing can touch base with Richard on Instagram as he continues to share his life with the fans he garnered during his time on the show. Marioxi, meanwhile, is doing the same while showing off her travel and adventure exploits. 

Marie and Mike

This couple used the experience to reconnect with better versions of themselves after a few rocky years together trying desperately to make their different lifestyles mesh together. Now, they’re thriving and are both seemingly pursuing modeling exploits both together and separately. 

Mike’s social media is dedicated to his fitness and fashion modeling career while Marie is seemingly doing a lot of the same work in the ladies’ fashion space. However, will the bond they reignited on the show last? 

Catch up on “Love For The Ages” on Peacock right now. 

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