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Which Couples From The 'Love For The Ages' Finale Stayed Together?

"Love For The Ages" is over, so did anyone stay together or move on with a sexy young single? 

By Tyler McCarthy
Love For The Ages Couples4

Almost as quickly as it arrived, Peacock’s latest romance experiment series, “Love For The Ages,” came to its thrilling conclusion. A lot of drama unfolded in the brief time the married couples gave each other the ultimate hall pass for the experience and now it’s time to see how it all shook out. 

For those unfamiliar, Peacock’s “Love For The Ages” follows a similar format to the USA Network original “Temptation Island” by taking married couples at a crossroads in their relationship and separating them in paradise. In that setting, they live alongside sexy singles who are all their looking for a relationship of their own. In this new show’s case, the singles are all quite a few years younger than their married counterparts. 

So, who realized their relationship was stronger than temptation and who decided they had some more growing to do with someone else? Let’s break down how the three married couples ended their time on the show. 

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Michael & Maria

This couple came to the experience feeling like they were drifting apart in their relationship. She needed him to open up and let loose a lot more and he wanted her to lean into compromise more often. 

It turns out, this experience was just what they needed. Michael was able to reconnect with his more passionate and fun-loving side while Maria realized she was searching for something she already had. Once they were reunited, the duo not only knew they wanted to stay together, but they even had a lovely and romantic renewal of their vows. 

Not only are they leaving as different people, but they’ve given their marriage the change and boost it needed. 

Richard & Marioxi

Sadly, the experience didn’t end as romantically for Richard and Marioxi. 

Before coming to the island, they were dealing with the fallout of his infidelity. Although they’d gone to counseling, Marioxi was still holding onto some serious trust issues. They hoped this experience would help her shed those. Instead, it helped her realize where they were coming from and come to terms with the fact that she had some growing to do. Unfortunately for Richie, she has to experience that growth alone. 

She made the decision to break her husband’s heart and leave the experience by herself to explore who she is outside the relationship. Although he was devastated by the decision, Richie understood and the two left separately but not with anyone new. 

Sebastian & Silvia

Even before the finale, Sebastian and Silvia figured out that they wanted to be together and therefore decided to leave the show early. 

They originally hoped the experience on the show would help them get past some infidelity issues of their own on the part of Sebastian. However, he needed her to be confident in the change that he exhibited since making that mistake and stop policing his social media and interactions with others so closely. 

It didn’t take too long for them to be steeped in the “Love For The Ages” experience before they ultimately figured out they didn’t need to be tempted by others to realize what they had in each other. So, they left together early, arguing that there was no more growth they could experience within the show’s grand experiment. 

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