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'Love For The Ages' Is A Unique Dating Show, Thanks To Its Bilingual Cast

"Love For The Ages" features three middle-aged Latino couples who speak both Spanish and English throughout the dating experiment.

By Becca van Sambeck

There is a lot that separates "Love From The Ages" from other dating shows out there. While it utilizes some key tropes of the genre — couples at a relationship impasse, hot singles, gorgeous villas, and jaw-dropping dates — it features married couples in their 30s or 40s who are trying to test their relationship. The singles in question, meanwhile, are all in their 20s. But it's not just the age-gap hook that distinguishes "Love For The Ages." It's also one of the few bilingual television programs out there, especially in the realm of reality TV.

"Love For The Ages" is a collaboration between Peacock and Telemundo, featuring three Latino couples and a Latina woman, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, as the show's host. As such, the cast of the show regularly switches from Spanish to English while conversing with one another, flirting, and describing their relationships. Subtitles in both languages are available. 

It's still a rarity for a show to switch languages like that, although it does happen. "¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.?" which ran from 1977 to 1980, is credited as being the first bilingual sitcom in the United States. More recent examples include "Jane The Virgin" a CW show that lovingly parodied telenovelas and had its characters switch between Spanish and English,  as well as "Now And Then," an Apple+ series released in 2022 and starring Marina de Tavira, Maribel Verdú, and Rosie Perez.

On "Fresh Of The Boat," the characters mostly spoke English, but the grandmother character only spoke in Mandarin. Similarly, on the Hulu sitcom "Ramy," the titular character typically speaks Arabic when at home or at church.

And of course, there's even "Dora The Explorer," the animated show for children, which featured the titular Dora speaking both English and Spanish. 

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But while sitcoms and dramas do utilize both languages, dating shows set in the United States are almost always in English. By focusing on Latino couples speaking more than English, "Love For The Ages" adds a different cultural element to the formula.

You can catch the first four episodes of "Love For The Ages" streaming now on Peacock. The final four episodes debut on the service on Thursday, Dec. 22.

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