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Meet The Tempting Young Singles On 'Love For The Ages'

"Love For The Ages" will separate married couples for the ultimate temptation test alongside these sexy singles.

By Tyler McCarthy

Peacock’s latest dating show “Love For The Ages” will follow a format similar to “Temptation Island” by having married couples separate into close quarters with hot young singles to test just how strong their marital bond is. As all Tempties know, this grand romantic experiment is only as good as the singles are tempting. 

How to Watch

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While the couples are close to or above the age of 40, the singles are all in their early 20s and there to see if the people who came to the show with a ring on their finger could be exactly what their wild 20s have been missing. But who are these young, steamy, and tempting singles

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Before you dive into the drama on “Love For The Ages,” here's a rundown on the women and men that will make up the show's cast. 

Kayler (22)

Kayler struggles in her dating life because she feels men take one look at her and make assumptions. However, she describes herself as a hardworking and driven woman who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. When it comes to dating, she prefers older men because she finds men in their 20s to be particularly guilty of these assumptions and is looking for a partner to help her get where she’s going in life. 

Gabriela (25)

Gabriela lives in Los Angeles and finds the dating scene there to be at odds with what she’s looking for. She comes from a big Columbian family and wants to get started making her own family some day soon. So, she’s on the hunt for an older man who can show her the more mature parts of life without being so focused on the next best thing to come along. 

Jennifer (24)

This free-spirited single is the first person to take up the mantle of planning the next party or major event. She loves to be social and is looking for someone to complement that side of her. However, that doesn’t mean she’s some party girl who wants to be constantly on the go. Her parents have been married for 30 years and she hopes to emulate their relationship. So, if she can find a man she trusts, it doesn’t matter how old he is. 

Valentina (25)

Valentina has been forced to become a strong and independent woman throughout her life. Originally born in Columbia, she made her way to the United States and had to learn to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle. With it came some toxic men and even more toxic relationships. Now, she’s sure of who she is but not what she’s looking for. She hopes that meeting an older man can help her get some clarity on the type of person who will mesh well with her personality, which isn’t changing any time soon. 

Rachel (25)

This intellectual single knows she requires deep conversations and a sharing of wisdom to be attracted to someone. As a result, she balks at the conventional ways of dating and is steadfast in her belief that she will meet “the one” organically. Although she’s open to the idea that one of the three men on the show will be that for her, she also believes she can soak up a lot of helpful advice from them about what makes a long-lasting marriage work and, more specifically, what makes it fail. 

Natalie (23)

Natalie is the definition of an extrovert. She’s always willing to take risks and seek out her next big adventure. That attitude can sometimes get her in trouble as she is the first to admit she struggles to hold her tongue and not always reveal what she’s really thinking to or about others. She’s hoping to find a mature man who can handle that side of her as well as connect with her on a deeper level. 

Michelle (22)

This assertive woman isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let people know that she’s someone who knows what she wants — a partner. In her search for love, she’s discovered that men in their 20s are still finding themselves. Not interested in helping with that, she prefers the company of older men who she feels she can grow with and discover things. Michelle wants to meet the married men on the show because she’s looking for exactly what they have … Exactly. 

Hiram (21)

Growing up raised by a single mother, Hiram knows how to be a true gentleman with women. As a result, his dating life is mostly spent avoiding girls who are just looking for Mr. Right Now. However, he’s also juggling a fear of commitment that he hopes an older woman on the show can help him get over.

Christian (25)

Christian is a self-described macho man whose experience in a relationship left his confidence a little shaken when it comes to moving on with someone new. He definitely wants a partner he can go on all of life’s new adventures with. Above all, he needs to be able to trust they won’t burn him like his ex did. So, he’s thinking that an older woman who knows a thing or two about commitment will help. 

Kevin (25)

Kevin is a romantic soul who uses music to express his inner sensitive side. However, he worries that his looks only attract a certain type of woman that’s unable to see the deeper side of him. He’s hoping an older woman will be able to look past the superficial and see that he has a lot to offer so that he can build a proper connection for the first time. 

Marc (25)

Marc is a social butterfly who does not struggle to make new friends no matter where he goes. He recently got out of a long relationship and is struggling to have that diversity of thought when it comes to forgetting her and meeting someone new. He believes that dating an older woman will help him not only move on, but learn what a healthy and mature relationship looks like. 

Jules (21)

This fitness junkie lives in Los Angeles where women his age are not ready to get married and settle down. However, that’s exactly what Jules is looking for. In addition to someone he can connect with on a deeper level, he’s hoping to find someone who isn’t turned off by the fact that he knows what he wants at a young age and is ready to get started building the life he wants. 

Juan Carlos (24)

This single has a tough exterior that he doesn’t let stand in the way of letting his more emotional side out. However, his emotions can sometimes prevent him meeting the right partner. He’s hoping that pursuing a romantic connection with an older woman will help solve that problem or, at the very least, teach him a thing or two about maturity in dating. 

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