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Kaitlin Asked Sebastian If He's a "F---boy" – So What Does That Mean?

It’s the final date on Temptation Island and Kaitlin has one question for Sebastian to help alleviate her trust issues.

By Shameika Rhymes
Temptation Island's Sebastian and Kaitlin explore a cave

Twists and turns continue on this season of Temptation Island. Kaitlin was delivered a blow when Hall broke off their engagement last week. This comes after he had been getting close to Makayla. As of this week's episode, Kaitlin had picked herself up and continued to mingle — but one thing she isn’t for is f---boys and their shenanigans.

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Hall broke her heart twice over the course of their 8-year relationship, so she isn’t likely to be ready to deal with someone else that will toy with her emotions. She has been trying to focus on herself, but while in the villa there’s still that attraction that lingers towards Sebastian. 

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During the final date in this week’s episode, Kaitlin extended an invite to Sebastian. Over a romantic dinner, she told him she wasn’t sure if she trusted him. He said, “You might think that I’m a f---boy.” 

What's a f---boy?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a f---boy is a guy who will play with your feelings by leading you on, acting as if he loves you all while he's messing around with others on the side. He also keeps your thirst for them strong, but doesn’t treat you with respect. Some signs that you could be dating one include (but are not limited to) conversations remaining surface-level no matter how much time passes, they say what you want to hear when you want to hear it, and the relationship is transactional but you focus on the excitement of it all to justify your needs not being met.

So is Sebastian a f---boy?

During the date when he brought it up, Kaitlin turned around and posed the question to him to find out if he was one. “I don’t think I’m a f---boy. I’m past that wanting to be single stage and having fun. I just want –I would like to meet someone and get serious,” Sebastian explained to Kaitlin. Kaitlin seemed to contemplate what he has said and ultimately cheers'd to whatever it is they have going on and potentially keeping it up outside of the villa. 

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Will Kaitlin choose to leave the island with Sebastian at the final bonfire? Stay tuned. 

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