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USA Insider Race to Survive: New Zealand

Watch the Race to Survive: New Zealand Adventurers Tackle the Deadly Chasm

The premiere episode of Race to Survive: New Zealand puts our nine teams of two to the test early on.

By Caitlin Busch
The Chasm: Race to Survive: New Zealand E1 Highlight

Just one episode in, and the Race to Survive: New Zealand teams have encountered a slew of nail-biting challenges that would prove deadly to lesser competitors. Luckily, the nine teams of two trekking through the New Zealand wilderness have the chops to take it on. However, not all challenges are made the same, and players will have to prove their mettle time and time again each episode.

How to Watch

Watch new episodes of Race to Survive: New Zealand Mondays at 11/10c on USA Network

In the above clip, viewers can observe just one of the perilous challenges the adventures have to tackle in the premiere.

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It's a "test of strength, skill, and guts." The challenge sees our contestants tackle a 50-foot free climb up a cargo net over ice-blue, frigid water. After, they're met with a "Tyrolean traverse." According to Climbing Magazine, a Tyrolean traverse — "Tyro" for short — is "a fixed line to cross from one point to another, often over water. While wearing a harness, you clip onto the rope or cable to pull yourself across."

After shimmying across the narrow ropes, they must make a "leap of faith": a 40-foot plunge into icey waters below. 

It's a harrowing test of strength, skill, and bravery this early on in the race, and could mark a turning point for some competitors ...

Corry Jones and Oliver Dev

Oliver and Corry, our white river guides from Jackson, Wyoming, are right at home among the water and steep cliff faces. But Ryan and Bronson, the son and father-in-law duo from Utah, are hot on their trail. Bronson notes that he and his father-in-law are in good shape, so the climbing portion of the challenge shouldn't be too much of an issue. But smokejumpers Ethan Greenberg from Boston, Massachusetts, and Tyrie Mann Merrill from Reno, Nevada, aren't too far behind in third place. 

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The final challenge of this portion? An 11-inch gap that teams have to squeeze through while keeping their heads above water. 

Where does this challenge leave our teams? And which of the players has a true moment of doubt as they stare down that intimidating 40-foot jump. You can find out by watching Race to Survive: New Zealand Episode 1.

New episodes of Race to Survive: New Zealand air on Monday nights at 11 p.m. on USA Network. Catch up on Race to Survive: Alaska on Peacock.