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USA Insider Race to Survive: Alaska

Who Won Race to Survive: Alaska?

Race to Survive: Alaska put the three final teams through the ringer — but only one pair came out on top!

By Caitlin Busch
Race To Survive Alaska Hero

After weeks of grueling competition, dangerous challenges, unpredictable weather, and wet socks, Race to Survive: Alaska has its winners. The final three teams — comprised of Bella and Cason Crane, Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn, and Max Djenohan and Christian Junkar — managed to paddle (and swim) their way through freezing waters and sprint to the final medallions in the season finale, appropriately titled "The Last Medallion." 

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But who came out on top, and what are our Race to Survive: Alaska finalists up to now?

Who won Race to Survive: Alaska?

Anyone who's been keeping up throughout the season knows that Oliver and Wilson, dubbed the "AK Bros." by their competitors, led the charge through a majority of the competition. That remained true in the finale, as well: Oliver and Wilson came in first.

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The pair were quickly followed by Max Djenohan and Christian Junkar, who held the lead for a period in the finale, only to be out-run by the brothers in the end. The Crane siblings — the competition's dark horses — came in third.

"I absolutely hate losing, so I've been battling with that," Djenohan told USA Insider. "But as time is further away from the challenge, I'm starting to feel more OK with it. But I do think it's more powerful that two indigenous people from Alaska — natives — showed up and they freaking crushed it. If we're gonna lose to anybody, those are some good guys to lose to. They're genuine people."

What did the winners get?

On top of the experience of a lifetime trekking across 100 miles of untamed Alaskan wilderness, Oliver and Wilson also went home with a whopping $500,000. That's the kind of money that makes skirting around bears, swimming through icy waters without a wetsuit, and subsisting on roots, berries, and the occasional clam worth the while.

What's next for the final three teams?

All six finalists are active on social media and love to share their various adventures. For our winners Oliver and Wilson, that means skiing, biking, traveling, and keeping up the chill positivity the pair came to be known for on Race to Survive: Alaska. Oliver recently shared a series of photos on his Instagram that detail his 6,200-mile biking adventure from Ushuaia to Cartagena, while Wilson has been getting in plenty of skiing time.

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