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USA Insider Race to Survive: Alaska

Shows Like ‘Race To Survive: Alaska’ Streaming On Peacock Right Now

"Race To Survive: Alaska" is unique, but these Peacock shows might satisfy your craving for more. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Race to Survive: Alaska S1 E3 Sneak Peek: Alaska Doesn't Want Us Here

Race To Survive: Alaska” is taking the survivalist competition genre by storm. While the USA Network original may not be available to stream on Peacock (yet), there are plenty of other shows just like it that fans of this genre can watch right now on demand. 

How to Watch

Catch up with Race to Survive: Alaska on the USA Network app.

The premise of “Race To Survive: Alaska” is simple. It takes eight teams of two and pits them against one another in a mad dash across the state’s harsh wilderness, collecting resources and fighting the elements all along the way. The show has a lot for competition enthusiasts as well as survivalists as it forces its competitors to balance both those elements if they want a shot at the $500,000 cash prize

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While there’s nothing quite like “Race To Survive: Alaska” there are plenty of shows that focus on competition and/or survival available on Peacock that people can dive into at any moment between episodes of the new hit series. For those interested, below is a list of some favorites currently available. 

Snake In The Grass

Hosted by Bobby Bones, this USA Network Original series took four people and forced them to survive a few days in the wilderness while competing in three team-based activities with cash on the line. The twist, however, is that one of the four people is the titular snake in the grass. A saboteur who lurks among them and is not only lying to them, but they’re actively trying to make it so they don’t win these challenges because winning them offers a clue to their identity. At the end of each episode, the four people get a chance to unanimously vote for who they think the snake is. If they get it right, they split the cash. If the snake escapes their finger-pointing, they walk away the sole winner of the money. Like “Race To Survive: Alaska” this show offers a balance of survival and competition, with a hearty amount of mental games thrown in. 

Bear Grylls Survival School

Acclaimed survivalist and adventurer Bear Grylls has a simple mission with this show: He wants to see if kids today have what it takes to learn all the skills he learned to survive out in the wild without the assistance of the technology they’ve come to rely on. 

For two weeks, ten youngsters join him in the great outdoors and have to not only survive but pass his numerous tests of their mettle and know-how when it comes to survival. In addition to testing their individual prowess in the field, he also wants to see if they’re smart enough to work as a team when the situation calls for it. When it comes to survival, there’s no individual top of the class. You either graduate or you don’t. 

Coast Guard Alaska

While not a competition show, this series is perfect for those who want to get an even deeper look at the harsh, unforgiving Alaskan wilderness. This series is a documentary that follows the men and women of the United States Coast Guard, specifically those stationed in Kodiak, Alaska, where a lot of “Race To Survive: Alaska” is filmed. This show follows the people who get called when things go sideways and someone needs to be rescued from the dangers that the state has to offer. 

There are four seasons of “Coast Guard Alaska” available on Peacock but that’s not all. The show’s success spawned spinoffs “Coast Guard Florida” and “Coast Guard Cape Disappointment Pacific Northwest.” Each has the same premise but shows the different climates and elements the Coast Guard has to operate in. It’s the perfect series for people who like survivalist shows as well as high stakes and dire consequences. 

The Curse of Oak Island

While “Race To Survive: Alaska” highlights the dangers of the wilderness, “The Curse of Oak Island” highlights the storied history and potentially lucrative finds one can discover. The series focuses on two brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, and their obsession with alleged buried treasure that lurks off the coast of Oak Island near Novas Scotia, Canada. The duo has spent years investing themselves in the island financially and steeping themselves in its history while exploring the many alleged locations out in the wilderness where historical treasures are believed to be hiding. Seven seasons of the show are available to watch on Peacock and with each one they uncover new and exciting evidence that backs up a myriad of theories ranging from the Knights Templar, the Aztec Empire and even codes hidden in Shakespearean literature. 

High Country Rescue

Similar to “Coast Guard Alaska” and its spinoffs, “High Country Rescue” takes viewers across the world to New Zealand to get an inside look at the lives and struggles of the real-life rescue teams that brave the elements and repeatedly risk their lives to save people who find themselves stranded or otherwise in peril in the mountains of the country. In each episode you see people go on death-defying adventures to make their way to someone who desperately needs their help. Once again, it’s the perfect series to watch for those who are curious about what happens when everything goes wrong and someone has to fix the problem. 

Catch all these shows on Peacock and watch “Race To Survive: Alaska” on USA Network

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