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Don Mancini Reveals If There Was Ever A Good Chucky Or If It Was All An Act

Was Chucky doing an act the whole time he acted like a real good guy? 

By Tyler McCarthy

After his spectacular return to the dark side, fans of “Chucky” are wondering if there was ever a Good Chucky, or if the killer doll was just putting on an act the whole time. 

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In an homage to “A Clockwork Orange" in "Chucky" Season 2, the kids captured a Chucky doll and put him through a brainwashing exercise that ultimately resulted in the evil doll finding violence abhorrent. As a result, his persona changed from one of murder and toxicity to one of almost childlike innocence. However, the dam seemingly began to break as the “real” Chucky poked through, resulting in the defenestration of Nadine as well as a full-on return to evil once Andy Barclay and the gang came to give him an exorcism. 

Now that the season is all said and done, Don Mancini spoke with USA Insider to answer once and for all whether Good Chucky was real or just an elaborate ruse put on by a devious Charles Lee Ray.

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“Yes, in a way [he was real]. I mean, some people have asked if he just playing them all along. And that was not my intention. I feel like if you watch closely, you can see that there are moments where Chucky has no reason to maintain an imposter as Good Chucky with Dr. Mixter, for example. So, I think that the brainwashing of Chucky was successful, but as it turns out, it was only temporary," he said.

The point, Mancini explained, was never to introduce a permanent change within Chucky, but to explore the larger Catholic themes of the season regarding questions of redemption and forgiveness. He noted he loved the idea of baptizing Chucky for its sheer “irreverence and sacrilegious-ness” and hoped it would offer some insight to viewers about the complexities of redemption and forgiveness and how a simple confession and baptism can’t always help.

That all said, Good Chucky was not something that could last narratively. However, he could possibly return.

“I think it was inevitable that Good Chucky would come back to who he really was," Mancini said. "But I do think that it was a legit side of him. As Dr. Mixter at one point says ... ‘When you had a streak of innocence in you that, as your therapist, I found boring and I tried to stamp it out of you, but apparently I didn't succeed well enough because these f***ing kids have brought it up.’”

He concluded: “But I love Good Chucky, I love Brad [Dourif’s] performance as Good Chucky, and I'm aware that fans really liked him. And so ... I don't know that we've necessarily seen the last of him just because I think I may need to see more of that. Just cause I enjoy it, you know? And I know Brad enjoys it.”

Whether it’s in the form of more “Chucky” or in one of the many spinoff projects Mancini has teased wanting to do in the past, only time will tell if the world has seen the last of Good Chucky.

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