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'Chucky' Creator Teases 'M3GAN,' Universal Monsters Crossover: 'Stay Tuned'

As killer dolls Chucky and M3GAN trade barbs on Twitter, many are wondering if they'll ever share the screen together.

By Tyler McCarthy

With the conclusion of “Chucky” Season 2, all eyes have now turned to the new killer doll in town: The android from the upcoming movie “M3GAN.” As the two murderous dolls continue to trade barbs on social media, “Child’s Play” mastermind, Don Mancini, wonders if maybe they’d be better off sharing screen time rather than competing for it. 

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Speaking in an interview with, Mancini, who seemingly wrote the book on killer toys 30 years ago with the creation of “Child's Play,” noted that he would love to see the two titans of creepy somehow crossover. Like the rest of us, though, he’s still waiting to see what “M3GAN” is all about beyond her incredibly terrifying trailer

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"I haven't seen the movie,” Mancini told the outlet. “All I've seen is what everyone else has seen and that's very fun. I wouldn't be opposed to it." 

He previously stated that he’d love to see Chucky crossover with fellow horror loudmouth, Freddy Krueger. However, now that his franchise is a success under the NBCUniversal banner, a whole new crop of movie monsters is available to Mancini. In his interview, he revealed he’s been in discussions to have Chucky cross paths with someone (or something) from that monster library. 

“There are other Universal-owned monsters that theoretically could be at our disposal. So, it's something that we do talk about. I'll put it that way ... I won't say too much about it, but stay tuned. It's definitely an interest of mine, as well,” Mancini confirmed. 

Famously, Universal Pictures is the home of classic genre icons such as Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolfman, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and more. In addition, it plays home to a host of new horrors by way of Blumhouse, which is producing “M3GAN.” However, perhaps the biggest slasher villain besides Chucky under the Universal banner is the boogeyman of Halloween himself, Michael Meyers

In fact, Chucky previously had a brief, cheeky crossover with Michael by way of a commercial advertisement for “Halloween Kills,” in which they carved up a pumpkin the only way they know how. Only time will tell what the future of “Chucky” holds and whether he’ll get the chance to share the screen with M3GAN or other classic horror icons like himself. 

Catch up on past episodes of the USA Network and SYFY original “Chucky” on Peacock right now. 

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