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Here's Who The Undertaker Believes Has the Best Microphone Skills in WWE History

According to The Undertaker, these are the best talkers in WWE history!

By Chris Phelan
The Undertaker

The Undertaker has officially joined the WWE Mount Rushmore bandwagon – and we're here for it!

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Many WWE Superstars have chimed in lately with their personal WWE Mount Rushmore. Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Rey Mysterio recently revealed their favorite Superstars of all time, and now one of the most iconic Superstars ever is joining in on the fun!

During a recent episode of his YouTube show Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway, The WWE Hall of Famer revealed his Mount Rushmore of the best WWE talkers of all time. In true Undertaker fashion, his choices revealed to the WWE Universe just who The Dead Man admires most in the wrestling industry.

Arn Anderson

Some WWE Superstars are destined to be criminally underrated in nearly every aspect of their career. Someone like Arn Anderson fits that description perfectly. Although he was never a world champion, his legacy is more admired by his peers than the casual member of the WWE Universe. Nevertheless, The Undertaker included him as one of the best talkers of all time – for good reason. Arn Anderson made you believe

"Arn had that unique ability to make you feel, you could feel what it was he was gonna do in the match," Undertaker revealed. "Such an eloquent talker. He never stumbled on his words – he had a thought and he relayed it in a way that made you believe that everything he said was gonna happen. It was phenomenal. Absolutely one of the best ever."

The Rock

The Rock made a career out of being an exemplary in-ring performer, but many believe he was even more proficient on the microphone. In retrospect, The Rock's gift of gab – a trait that would eventually propel him to even greater heights in Hollywood – was apparent the first time he cut a WWE promo. The WWE Universe was hooked, and they still are decades later. The Undertaker, to no one's surprise, feels the same:

"I don't care whose list you put who on, if you don't have The Rock in your top four, you're just crazy," he explained emphatically. "The things he came up with, the ingenuity, such an entertaining guy. Like him or hate him, doesn't really matter, when it came to work on the stick, he's on my Mount Rushmore."

Ric Flair

Of course, no Mount Rushmore-like list of the best talkers in WWE history is complete without The Nature Boy! The 16-time world champion has evolved into a pop culture icon – you can barely watch an hour of television these days without encountering a reference to the great Ric Flair. Fittingly, The Undertaker put it all into perspective as only he can:

"He's still cutting them promos today – all these years, the styling and the profiling, rocking the alligator shoes, doing it like only he can do," he said. "He's got more catchphrases than Tom Brady has Super Bowl rings. The Nature Boy, he could get wound up. And the more wound up he got, the more engrossed you would get in his promo. Incredible promo work."

Dusty Rhodes

Somewhat surprisingly, The Undertaker chose "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes – the father of Cody Rhodes – as his selection as the WWE Superstar with the best microphone skills. Maybe it's their shared Texas roots, perhaps it was because The Undertaker grew up watching him, or maybe it's just the facts – The Dead Man believes Rhodes is the best to ever do it:

"That's right, Texas' own: "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, baby," he stated. "He had the answer to everything Flair would throw at him. The working man. He's wined and dined with kings and queens and ate pork and beans! The son of a plumber, if you will. The man was a master on the mic and a true American icon."

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