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Hulk Hogan Reveals His WWE Mount Rushmore: "There's No Doubt About It"

Did any of your favorite WWE Superstars make Hulk Hogan's list of the greatest of all time?

By Chris Phelan
Hulk Hogan tears his shirt while standing in the ring.

The concept of a Mount Rushmore isn't foreign to professional wrestling and sports fans. The idea is simple: Just like the actual Mount Rushmore in the United States represents the four greatest Presidents in the nation's history, it's a fun exercise when anyone is tasked with coming up with their own Mount Rushmore for any other topic – especially if it's WWE-related!

Who is on Hulk Hogan's WWE Mount Rushmore?

Wwe Hulk Hogan

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You can ask 100 members of the WWE Universe who comprise their pro wrestling Mount Rushmore, and you'd probably receive 100 unique responses. However, some opinions carry more weight than others! During a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was asked to name his WWE Mount Rushmore. It was a pointed question that the Hulkster was happy to answer!

"There's no doubt about it, Andre [the Giant] has to be there," Hogan revealed. "You know, because up there, it would have to be Ric Flair. I tell Ric Flair, 'You're the greatest wrestler that ever lived,' and I've had other people tell me other things, but as far as I'm concerned with him loving this business and being a complete sellout, he gave up everything – family, friends, his own health, everything to be in his business. That's kind of a crazy type of dedication, way more than I could give."

For many fans, Hogan including Andre and Flair is a no-brainer. But who rounds out the rest of the Hulkster's personal Mount Rushmore? Do any current WWE Superstars make Hogan's list?

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"There are some new guys like Seth Rollins, who I really admire," Hogan confessed. "You know, Kevin Owens caught my eye really early when a lot of people didn't believe in him. And I saw him down there and said, 'Oh my God, that brother has got it figured out. You know, and so I'm all over the place with it but for me the quick fix would be Andre, Flair, Rock and Austin. That's a quick fix for me. Yeah, those four guys deserve it."

So there you have it, WWE Universe. Hulk Hogan's WWE Mount Rushmore consists of Andre the Giant, Ric Flair, The Rock, and Steve Austin. Let's take a closer look at some of the Hulkster's moments with these legendary Superstars!

Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant

For longtime WWE fans, there was no more significant rivalry throughout the late 70s and 80s than the neverending feud between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Cultivating with their jaw-dropping WrestleMania III main event, Hogan and Andre brought WWE to new heights, taking it from a small, regional wrestling promotion to a national powerhouse.

Hogan vs. Andre at WrestleMania III remains, to this day, the pinnacle of professional wrestling for millions of fans. Although the match featured Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant to gasps from the crowd, the lasting memory is the story: The tale of the unstoppable force versus the immovable object made a lasting impression on the minds of all wrestling fans regardless of age. 

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair

It's fitting that Hogan chose Ric Flair for his Mount Rushmore. In the 80s, Hogan was the personification of larger-than-life WWE action. Conversely, Ric Flair represented the heritage and history of professional wrestling while competing in WCW. These two Superstars couldn't be more different; Hogan essentially was a living, breathing action hero come to life while Flair was the everyman fighting champion. While they crossed paths countless times in WCW, many wrestling fans regard their only match on Monday Night Raw as the apex of their decades-long feud.

If Ric Flair is the greatest pure wrestler of all time, it makes sense why he would be included in Hogan's Mount Rushmore. After all, the Hulkster is the greatest sports entertainer of all time. They are each other's opposites in many ways.

Hulk Hogan and The Rock

It's not surprising that The Rock was included on Hogan's list. Their WrestleMania X-8 match is still one of the most absurd and memorable matches of all time. Seeing tens of thousands of WWE fans revert to screaming Hulkamaniacs and booing the fan-favorite Rock in a sign of solidarity is a moment that hasn't been topped since.

Even looking past this match, The Rock's influence on the world of wrestling can't be overstated. Even in 2023, every seemingly random WWE television appearance stokes the flames of speculation throughout the WWE Universe that The Rock could be making a return to the ring. If that's not staying power, what is?

Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin

For all the mainstream attention Hulk Hogan drew toward WWE in the 80s, Stone Cold Steve Austin arguably topped Hogan's efforts throughout the 90s. The explosive Attitude Era can be wholly credited to the rise of Austin, who took a ho-hum wrestling career in WCW and molded it into one of the most WWE successful storylines of all time: Stone Cold versus the world. But Hogan has tipped his cap to Austin before. Back at WrestleMania XXX, the duo (along with The Rock) shared a fantastic in-ring moment, commemorating each other's accomplishments.

As the ultimate anti-hero, Steve Austin can be considered the polar opposite of Hulk Hogan's squeaky-clean wrestling image of the 80s. Who can argue that Stone Cold doesn't deserve to be included on Hogan's Mount Rushmore? Who else could be a better choice?

We think Hogan nailed it. 

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