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The Rock Gives Hollywood Tour Bus the Surprise of a Lifetime

The Rock is making the most of his newfound free time; will this lead to a full-time return to WWE?

By Chris Phelan
Wwe The Rock Mental Health4

As rumors fly over the WWE future of The Rock, the man himself has managed to turn a mundane tour through Hollywood into an unforgettable moment for an entire group of people!

How Did The Rock Surprise Random Hollywood Tourists?

Wwe The Rock Mental Health6

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For a group of lucky tourists, The Rock recently gave them the surprise of a lifetime! The WWE Superstar couldn't resist posting the following video to social media – and thanks to this moment, we can't help but feel that this particular tour bus will see an explosion in popularity in the coming days. (It might be a great time to invest in Hollywood bus tour stock!)

"Hey y'all seen the Rock in this hood?" The Rock captioned. "If you Hollywood visitors ever see a big ol' pick up truck rolling up on your tour bus – don't be afraid, it's just the People's Champ lookin' for free tacos and having fun. Enjoy my hood and stay away from my house."

We love how The Rock referred to himself as the "People's Champ" – it's a moniker he rarely calls himself outside of WWE. Little things like this fuel his comeback speculation even more!

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Judging by the faces of the men, women, and children on board, The Rock gave them a memory they'll cherish for the rest of their lives! After all, how often does a typical Hollywood tour end with a fist bump from a Hollywood A-Lister and WWE legend?

Of course, The Rock making connections like this with his fans just keeps fueling speculation about his WWE future because, well, everything The Rock does fuels speculation about his WWE future!

When Will The Rock Appear in WWE Again?

The Rock speaks to another wrestler in the ring

Something tells us we haven't seen the last of The Rock in WWE. As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire – and The Rock has been absolutely smoldering with intrigue ever since he made his shocking return to SmackDown on September 15. Not only did he flex his impressive mic skills (and led the WWE Universe in one of the most decidedly un-PG chants in history), but he showed off his physical chops as well, pummeling Austin Theory as only The Rock can. 

The fact that his appearance turned physical makes us think The Rock has the "itch" to perform in WWE again! While he's currently not scheduled for future events, conventional logic says that if The Great One has shown up on a whim once, he can do it again at a moment's notice. 

Looking at the upcoming WWE schedule, an encore appearance by The Rock can happen sooner than we think. With an upcoming SmackDown in Sacramento, California, and an episode of Monday Night Raw slated for San Jose, California, WWE will practically be in The Rock's backyard. Just like with the tour bus, The Rock might not be able to help himself – especially if he has big plans in mind for WrestleMania 40!

Will The Rock Challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40?

Split of The Rock and Roman Reigns

Ever since The Rock made a shocking and unannounced appearance on a recent SmackDown, rumors are flying regarding his official WWE status. While it's entirely possible he only stopped by to say hi to the WWE Universe (and thoroughly embarrass Austin Theory) because he happened to be in town with Pat McAfee, the WWE Universe's undying optimism holds a different theory: The Rock is gearing up for a WrestleMania match against the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The story of Roman Reigns and The Bloodline has captivated the WWE Universe for years, and we've always thought the logical progression of the story being told would be The Rock inserting himself into Roman Reigns' business – he is family, after all! Ever since The Rock argued that he was the true Head of the Table in a seemingly throwaway media interview in late 2022, the tantalizing prospect of Rock and Reigns clashing at WrestleMania has captivated fans worldwide. 

WrestleMania is still half a year away, but in our opinion, this is the perfect time for The Rock to start making his way down the Road to WrestleMania, where a main event bout against his own cousin would not only put a perfect ending to The Bloodline storyline but give the WWE Universe arguably the greatest WrestleMania main event of all time. 

We suspect there must be a reason why The Rock has been in the public eye so often lately. When he's not garnering one of the biggest crowd reactions in his career at a random SmackDown in Denver, he's giving tourists in Hollywood a moment they'll never forget. That said, The Rock is savvy – he knows he can't just pop into the rigors of a WWE schedule without buttering up the millions (and millions!) of The Rock's fans. That's precisely what he's been doing in the past few weeks!

Stay locked in to USA Insider for the latest updates on The Rock – as WrestleMania gets closer, the news will only get more intriguing!

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