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The 5 Best Episodes Of Mr. Robot, According To Fans

Mr. Robot ended in 2019 but fans agree these episodes are among the best of the series. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Rami Malek as Mr Robot, wearing a black hoodie

For four seasons, there was perhaps no more dramatic and thought-provoking series on television than Mr. Robot. Starring A-list actors Rami Malek, Christian Slater, and many other familiar faces, the show continues to be a terrific binge-watch. That said, fans agree that there are a handful of the series' 45 episodes that stand out. 

For those unfamiliar, Mr. Robot premiered in 2015 and followed Rami’s Elliot Alderson, a young cybersecurity expert living in New York City. Amid his struggles with social anxiety disorder, dissociative identity disorder and clinical depression, he was struggling to find purpose. That’s when he was approached by a mysterious cyber-anarchist known as Mr. Robot (Slater) who offered him a place with his team of hacktivists known as fsociety.

Their mission, in part, is to cancel all consumer debt by targeting the data of one of the world’s largest corporations, E Corp. However, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more at play than Elliot could have realized, and for four seasons, he and the viewers unraveled the mystery at the heart of the series.

What is the Best Episode of Mr. Robot?

There is no clear consensus among fans regarding the very best singular episode of Mr. Robot. However, there are a handful of episodes in the show's run that people consider to be top tier and always come up in conversation when fans discuss their favorites. 

Here is a rundown of the most beloved episodes of Mr. Robot according to Fan reviews. 


It’s hard to talk about the twists and turns of Mr. Robot without addressing one of its highest-stakes episodes. The sixth episode of Season 3 sees Elliot attempt to stop a potentially violent plan being hatched by Mr. Robot to wipe out some important paper documents held by E Corp. 

However, when Elliot discovers the target building does not have those records, Mr. Robot agrees to help. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it out of the kindness of his heart or any kind of second-guessing. Just as Elliot thinks he did a good thing by stopping the attack, he learns that his actions inadvertently made the attack much, much worse. 

With blood on his hands, Elliot must find a way to live with the guilt while also remaining more determined than ever to stop the events he helped set in motion. 

"405 Method Not Allowed"

In the fifth episode of Season 4, Elliot and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) successfully infiltrate a corporate building before learning that it’s the escape that’ll get you. 

While she manages to blend in as someone leaving the building’s gym, Elliot is spotted by the NYPD, leading the protagonist who normally does his most thrilling things from behind a keyboard to engage in a massive foot chase through Central Park

The episode is a real nail-biter as he sprints away from police officers, knocking parkgoers out of his way, falling down rock embankments, jumping on and off busses and, eventually, getting himself hit by a car. For a show that doesn’t often have physical stakes, this episode was more of an adrenaline rush as viewers wondered if this was maybe the end of the road for Elliot. 


One of the more interesting aspects of Mr. Robot is how much Elliot struggles with his mental health and, at times, substance abuse issues. In the fourth episode of Season 1, that all comes to a head when he and fsociety have to physically go to a location in order to pull off a spectacularly complicated hack. 

Cut off from his morphine supply, Elliot starts to undergo heavy withdrawal symptoms which include hallucinations. As they try to muddle their way through the complex mission, Elliot must keep his mental health in check in order to safely achieve the group’s very important goal of bringing down a key component of E Corp’s infrastructure. 


Things heat up in the eighth episode of Season 2 when fsociety learns they’ve uncovered a massive surveillance operation and leaked the information. This sets off a chain of events that leads to key members, including and especially Darlene, to get their hands dirty and even puts their new dealings in the crosshairs of the FBI.

Sure, they were definitely on the FBI’s radar to begin with, but things reach a whole new level in this episode. 

"Hello, Elliot"

The final episode of the series is where all the mystery, betrayal, and perplexing twists are finally explained and put to bed. Fans learn the true extent of Elliot’s dissociative identity disorder and watch him deal with the consequences of discovering that the entire reality of the series was perhaps not at all what it seemed. 

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Originally published Aug 3, 2022.

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