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The Most Controversial 'Temptation Island' Choices Ever

Singles hooking up with the attached, toxic relationships that seemingly work out for some reason ... there are so many controversial moments on "Temptation Island" that will make your jaw drop. 

By Shameika Rhymes

Drama always seem to ensue in the villas on “Temptation Island.” With tensions running high, things explode or fizzle in the most controversial ways. Whether it’s friction between the singles, hurt feelings between couples, or shocking moments as the attached and unattached mingle, there’s always jaw-dropping choices among the cast of “Temptation Island."

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Here's a rundown of some of the most controversial moments on all of the seasons of “Temptation Island.”

Lascelles and Ashley's Breakup

Ashley And Lascelles seated together

Lascelles Lagares and Ashley Rodriguez appeared on "Temptation IslandSeason 4, hoping to strengthen their relationship. During the first couple of episodes, she developed a strong emotional connection with Blake Blumenshine. However, Lascelles quickly bonded with Trace, even professing his love for her at one point in a shocking moment. Lascelles claimed he wanted a life with her and implied that he was over his girlfriend and ready for something new with her. 

Ashley ultimately left the experiment alone (despite initially suggesting they stay together) while he started something new with Trace. These days Ashley is happy and has a new man, while Lascelles and Trace have gone their separate ways. 

The Love Triangle Between Kaci, Evan, and Morgan

Kaci Begging Evan To Stay With Her

After knowing each other for 10 years, a trip to “Temptation Island" led to Kaci and Evan parting ways. Kaci wanted to go home with Evan and figure things out, but Evan had other plans, as he had moved on with one of the singles, Morgan. Kaci begged Evan to deal with their issues instead of just quitting the relationship in a dramatic, tearful moment that lives on in "Temptation Island" infamy.

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Morgan and Evan got engaged six months later, but eventually ended up breaking up due to cheating rumors surrounding him and some Instagram models. 

A Bed of Roses

Deac Conti Smiling

Oh, Deac. Deac Conti originally debuted in the second season of “Temptation Island,” where he immediately zeroed in on Ashley Howland, who came to the island to try to make things work with her boyfriend, Casey Starchak. She connected with Deac, though —  and then also had eyes for Ben Knobloch. Here’s where it gets complicated:  Ashley was bouncing back and forth between the two men, but they were friends on the island!

“Me and Ben are friends and Ashley seems to like us both. It’s an odd dynamic,” Deac said at the time. “I mean, we have a strong connection and I’m sure her and Ben have a strong connection but it’s up to her, ultimately. It seems to be a love triangle or a love square with her boyfriend … and her boyfriend is the square.” 

That love square came to a head when Deac tapped into his romantic side, and decorated Ashley’s bed with hand-picked flowers. Ashley did not reciprocate the feeling; instead, she spent the evening in that bed with Ben. Talk about a heartbreak. 

Kendal and Alexcys' Hookup

5 Easy Ways To Recover From Heartbreak

The villa erupted with glee and shock when news of Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan's hookup spread like wildfire in Season 3. Kendal had arrived on the island with his girlfriend, Erica Washington, but was soon hooking up with multiple women. Erica ultimately saw that he had an intimate moment with Alexcys and another single, Nickole Ciszak.

Of course, Kendal and Erica went their separate ways and left the island single. 

Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson's Decision To Stay Together

Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt

Nobody expected Chelsea and Thomas to stay together during the final bonfire in Season 3. They went on the show to try to fix the trust issues between them and it seemingly only made the problem worse. They then shocked everyone when they made the decision to leave the island together and work on the relationship. Fast forward to today, and it appears she has erased all signs of him from her Instagram page. 

With controversial moments like these, we can’t wait to see what awaits in Season 5

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