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Temptation Island’s Roberto and Paris Get Real in New Interview

Temptation Island Season 5's Roberto shared some insight into his decision to cheat on Vanessa while on the island.

By Shameika Rhymes

Temptation Island Season 5 was full of jaw dropping moments that ended with a collective gasp during the 2-part reunion. The biggest dramatic moment was when Vanessa discovered that Roberto lied about how far things really went with Desiree. Fans held their breath as Vanessa controlled her anger. After the reunion, many have wondered about Roberto’s motivation and whether or not the two were able to work things out.

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Roberto joined Paris on her Tempted Talks show on YouTube to discuss Season 5 and answer everyone’s burning questions. 

Paris came out of the gate asking the biggest question about why Roberto lied to Vanessa.

“I regret lying to her because I shouldn’t have left the island with her. I was just caught up in the moment and everything was crazy,” he said. 

Why did Roberto and Vanessa Stop Following Each Other on social media?

Tiki Lights and Freaky Nights

The pair recently unfollowed each other on Instagram and, of course, fans took notice. Roberto explained that he unfollowed her only after she unfollowed him. But he did decide to start following Desiree after that.

“I hadn’t been following Des up to that point, but it’s like for the viewer’s purposes. If I’m not following Des, then they will know I’m not with Des,” he explained.

When Paris urged him to unfollow Desiree and follow Vanessa, he pulled out his phone and seemingly unfollowed Desiree. 

Why Did Roberto Cheat on Vanessa?

Temptation Island single Desiree

One fan wrote into Paris’ show to ask why Roberto chose Desiree.

“I was looking for inner beauty, on the show I wasn’t trying to be superficial about it. I mostly go for looks. But, Des, out of all the girls on the island, she is the one I most talked to," he said.

But when it came to taking it to the next level and getting intimate despite the fact he was in a committed relationship, Roberto said he hates arguing in relationships. With Desiree, the drama wasn’t there.

“If you start yelling at me, let’s come back and we can have a mature conversation, but Vanessa isn’t like that. It was nice to have that calm, soft energy that Vanessa never gave me,” he said. “When I made the choice that I did, I had zero intention of leaving the island with Vanessa, so that’s why I cheated. I went on the show to break up with her,” Roberto revealed. He also said he would have been hurt if Vanessa had cheated."

Are Roberto and Vanessa Still Together?

Temptation Island Season 5 Vanessa Roberto

Roberto shared that he and Vanessa had not spoken nor seen each other in three months before the Temptation Island reunion. He revealed that Vanessa had gotten a tattoo of his entire name on her butt after two months of knowing him and they weren’t dating yet.

“That’s weird, but now it’s lasered off,” he said. 

He wasn’t sure how to answer the question about if they were still together.

“Ask Vanessa, who knows?” he said.

As for him and Desiree, he explained she wasn’t his type and he wasn’t her's either, but he wanted to get out of his comfort zone.

“I need someone that comes from my same environment,” he concluded. 

Did Roberto Have any Regrets?

Temptaiton Island's Roberto with a surprised expression on his face

Roberto’s only regret from the show was when he cried on episode two with the girls in the villa.

“My ex-girlfriend passed away 6 months ago prior to that day, and it was her birthday that day. All the emotions and with the liquor, and her birthday, it just brought me back to that day she died and it brought me to a dark place," he said. 

He shared he did a lot of growing on the show and it felt like being in therapy. 

So, while he posts online that he’s in love, there’s no word on who he is in love with. But he did say he would go back on Temptation Island as a single if he had the chance.

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