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Are Temptation Island Couple Roberto and Vanessa Still Together After the Show?

Temptation Island couple Vanessa and Roberto were the only ones who left the island together. Where does the relationship stand now?

By Shameika Rhymes

The fifth season of Temptation Island turned out to be full of twists and turns. One of the highlights was a couple with a significant age gap and the issues that come with it. Vanessa Valente and Roberto Mal met overseas in Qatar and what they both thought was a one-night stand ended up turning into a long-term, committed relationship. They are the only couple that decided to leave the island together. But after the reunion’s explosive revelation are they still together?

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With a 10-year age gap, they had their fair share of problems including whether or not to start a family and get married. She worried that he wasn’t ready to step up and be the man she needed, and he was trying his hardest to show her how committed he was. However, throughout the process, both came up short of the other's expectations. 

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In a YouTube video with Leonila "Paris" Pedro, Roberto didn’t even seem sure if he and Vanessa are together.

“Ask Vanessa, who knows?” he said.

Vanessa hasn't shared any updates about their current relationship status after the reunion, so it’s safe to assume things are in a strange place.

While the two left the island together, it was short-lived because, at the reunion, Roberto admitted he and Desiree did get intimate. Vanessa flipped out when she found out he led her to believe they only kissed. When she saw the footage of Desiree and Roberto getting it on, she was crushed.

“I believed you, you’ve lied to me throughout,” she whispered to Roberto.

Temptation Island single Desiree

Vanessa’s Instagram page showed she is still angry at Roberto when she congratulated him for being one of the biggest liars of the year along with other posts calling him a liar.

Roberto’s social media tells a different story. His latest post says he is happily in love, but doesn’t say with whom. It looks like he’s been busy traveling and taking time out for himself. In an interview he posted on his social media he says, “I’m a faithful Dominican man, I am not never met one Dominican that cheated, ever.”

Sounds like he forgot what happened in the villa.

It sounds like Vanessa and Roberto are living their best lives without each other although they haven't confirmed and official split.

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