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Temptation Island’s Iris Talks Breakup With Luke, Calls Season 5 "Really Spicy"

Iris Jardiel spilled whatever tea she had left in an interview with USA Insider about her breakup with Luke Wechselberger and her thoughts on Season 5 of Temptation Island.

By Tyler McCarthy

As Temptation Island Season 5 begins to heat up, some fans are turning their attention back to Season 4 now that Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger have spilled all the tea surrounding their breakup. In a recent interview with USA Insider, Iris got even more candid about the end of her relationship as well as her thoughts on the “spicy” new season

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Last week, Iris joined fellow islander Kaci Campbell on her podcast, It’s Tempting, where she laid out what happened between her and Luke since they got engaged at the final bonfire last year. Sadly, their love story was not one for the ages, fraught with alleged cheating, toxic arguments, and failed attempts to reconcile. Fortunately, both seem like they’re in a better place now that the dust has settled, with Luke exploring the world and Iris exploring a new relationship. 

As a result, it’s safe to say she’s run the full gamut of the Temptation Island experience. So, we at USA Insider were dying to know what she thought of the new couples on the latest season. 

What does Iris Jardiel think of Temptation Island Season 5?

Temptation Island 502

Even though she is, Iris didn’t need to be an expert in all things Temptation Island romance to recognize that the latest group of singles and couples is filled to the brim with potential drama. 

“This season looks really spicy!” she said. “I’m not going to lie, there’s already so much drama after Episode 1 that I want to see more. Everyone looks like a model. I think some of the changes that took place in Episode one with everyone having a party all together once the singles were revealed was genius! I don’t know if I would have been able to handle it on my season.” 

Unlike an average viewer of Temptation Island, having been through the experience, Iris couldn’t help but see herself in a few of the contestants. 

“I really think Kaitlin and Hall, there seems to be some love there. I can definitely see it. I just think they’re trying to figure things out,” she said. “Also, Paris and Great; Paris kind of reminds me a little bit of me. She has so much love to give. She’s a little bit sassier, which is amazing — I wish I had a little more sassiness in me. She just really seems to love her boyfriend.” 

She noted that Paris and Great are coming to the island with similar problems with infidelity on his side that she dealt with in her last relationship, so it was easy for her to spot those patterns from afar. In fact, she offered some advice to the new couples of Season 5. 

“The experience is always crazier than you initially think,” she said. “The main thing that I think the couples have to focus on is their own self-growth journey. You can worry all day about what your partner is doing on the other side, but if you yourself are not growing, that’s what’s going to hold you back.” 

Iris Responds to Luke’s Cheating Denial

Luke with a stern look on his face

Self-growth has been a theme for both Iris and Luke throughout their relationship and time on Temptation Island. After Iris detailed their breakup in full, Luke responded to a USA Insider request for comment in which he fully denied that he cheated on Iris. He categorized the end of their relationship as being the result of a change he saw in Iris that made her fame-hungry following the show.

​​”Oh my gosh. Literally, everything he said is a lie,” she alleged. “I just can't even imagine how he came up with this stuff. Like, I showed all my best friends and they were all shocked because they know the real me and they're like, Iris, you never talk to us about followers or fame at all.”

Are Iris and Luke done for good this time? 

Temptation Island's Luke And Iris

While no one can predict the future, Iris made sure to note that, despite splitting up and getting back together a few times in their relationship, she believes they’re fully done this time. 

“What really did it for him is, after we got off the show, we got engaged, I was hoping for a lot of changes, I was expecting him to not be cheap anymore, I was expecting him to show he really loved me and I was expecting him to not message other girls and cheat on me anymore!” she said. “But he continued to do all these things wrong and so that was it for me. Like, I expected that once you’re engaged that he would change and be better but he couldn’t do that. He continued to cheat on me.” 

As mentioned, Luke maintained in a previous statement to USA Insider that he did not cheat on Iris while they were monogamous. As for his denial, she claimed she has text messages to prove that he was physically with another girl while she was in the air on a trip to Thailand after they agreed to get back together. 

“I just wanted to make it work so bad and I always thought that he could change and be better,” she said.

Iris has more tea to spill

Close up of Iris at the reunion looking a little sad

In addition to text messages she believes prove Luke was cheating on her, Iris has a laundry list of complaints about the relationship that she says she didn’t fully realize until she was out of it and with someone new. She’s been vocal about Luke's alleged propensity to be withholding with his money, she claimed she helped him in his career several times and got no credit, she denied he ever tried to help her with her career and she revealed he did not want to plan an engagement party. She took particular issue with Luke stating that her family would “be broken-hearted” if they knew about her actions with her new boyfriend, Ryan.

She said that her family didn’t really like Luke and were upset that he asked her to marry him without getting her father’s permission. She also said she expected him to take her parents out to dinner at some point in the relationship but that he never did. Meanwhile, she told USA Insider that Ryan has not only met her family but won them over fully.

She concluded her interview with some final thoughts on her relationship with Luke. 

“At the end of the day I truly do wish him the best and I truly wish him happiness and I just hope he’s better for the next girl and finds an amazing woman,” she said. 

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