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Patrick J. Adams' Hilarious Explanation for Why Everyone Loves Suits (Again)

Adams’ new tongue-in-cheek Instagram bio sounds like it was written by Mike Ross.

By James Grebey
Meghan Markle wears a purple shirt and long black skirt in an episode of 'Suits'

Patrick J. Adams may have ostensibly been the star of Suits, but he knows who really wears the crown — almost literally. On Instagram, Adams recently changed his bio to cutely reference both his on-screen relationship with Meghan Markle and Suits’ massive resurgence in popularity this summer, as it’s become a huge streaming hit (available on Peacock). 

Adams’ current Instagram bio reads “The guy from that show you’re watching on that app because that girl married that prince.” 

The girl who married that prince, of course, is Markle, an actress who was best known for playing Rachel Zane, a paralegal and love interest to Adams’ Mike Ross. However, now she’s much better known for having married Prince Harry and becoming a member of the British Royal Family, although she and Harry have formally stepped away from their Royal duties in recent years and distanced themselves from the rest of the family. 

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Markle’s ascension to royalty certainly gave Suits a boost in popularity. She starred opposite Adams for the first seven of the show’s nine seasons, and their characters Mike and Rachel ended Season 7 by getting married and moving to Seattle to start a firm together. (Adams would return as a guest star for the ninth and final season, but Markle did not come back, likely in part because she had already married Prince Harry in 2018 and was officially a Royal by that point.)

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Meghan Markle wears a pink cardigan and light pink pencil skirt in an episode of 'Suits'

Adams had become friends with Markle over the course of the show’s filming, and he and his wife Troian Bellisario were among the members of the Suits cast and crew who attended to Royal Wedding. Adams, by his own admission in a Radio Times interview from a few years ago, has fallen out of touch with Markle in the years since.

Markle’s been a Royal for years now, and Suits only recently became the most popular show in the country, so the first half of Adams’ new tongue-in-cheek Instagram bio, which posits that people are watching Suits solely because Markle married Prince Harry, isn’t the full story. Instead, Suits has achieved a new level of popularity thanks to word of mouth and widespread availability on streamers. A nine-season, serialized but easy-to-watch legal drama with fun characters is the type of show they don’t make as much anymore, but the type that people are clearly interested in watching. 

Suits is streaming on Peacock.

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