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Steve Austin Downplays Return Rumors: 'I Just Got Tired Of Looking In The Mirror'

Stone Cold Steve Austin addressed the rumors about his return, saying he's working out just to stay in shape. 

By Ethan Absler
Stone Cold Sticking his middle fingers up

Last week, the WWE Universe had itself some fun when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin started posting workout videos on his social media pages that showed him in the best shape of his life. As fans of professional wrestling often do, many associated the workout videos with an imminent in-ring return. In addition to the workout posts, rumors began swirling online that a Steve Austin return at WrestleMania 39 was bound to happen.

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Unfortunately, The Texas Rattlesnake took to his Instagram where he posted the videos to downplay his return rumors and confirm for fans that he simply didn’t like the shape he was in and wanted to make a change.

“People have been speculating- ‘Hey Steve, what are you doing? What are you training for? Are you training for an event?’ I just simply looked in the mirror and realized I look like sh*t so I called my diet coach up and my macros are currently, give or take, roughly around 2650 calories, 300 to 320 grams of protein — 150 grams of carbs on a regular day. I’ll spike at 420 on a load up. I still drink beer on Friday nights. Three Broken Skull IPAs and that’s pretty much it. I’m probably, as far as body weight goes, sub-232, the leanest I’ve been in forever. Anyway, I’m out. I just got tired of looking in the mirror, I got tired of looking like sh*t, so I’m taking action to do something about it. I gotta go. Catch you down the road," he said.

While some members of the WWE Universe believe Austin is simply trying to swerve fans and downplay the rumors so that his return is an even bigger surprise, fellow WWE legend and longtime rival and friend of Stone Cold The Rock shared his opinions on Austin’s videos in the comments. According to The People’s Champion, Steve Austin is a straightforward guy, indicating that he was telling the truth about working out for personal reasons and not for a WrestleMania return.

“Maaaan for everyone watching this, let me just say that how Steve is talking here, is exactly how talks in person and why we became brothers. Straight up, direct, no bullsh*t. Good or bad. You’ll always get the real. Keep kicking ass my brother and you know I gotta say it, 'thank you for the house,'" The Rock joked with Austin.

Regardless of whether or not Austin is training for a return, he is currently in the best shape of his life. We still have a few months until we need to start to worry about WrestleMania 39, but we will find out if Stone Cold is returning next year sooner rather than later or just working out to stay healthy.

You can rewatch Steve Austin defeating Kevin Owens in the main event of night one of WrestleMania 38 on the WWE Network on Peacock!

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