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More Terrified Of The Creepy Bugs Than The Challenges? These Are The Insects Found On 'Snake In The Grass'

"Snake In The Grass" sees the contestants brave the elements in Costa Rica for 36 hours, where they face many species of insects. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Two ants

The contestants on “Snake In The Grass” have to worry about the saboteur among them — but their troubles don't end there. They also have to pay close attention to the insects who crawl around during the 36 hours the players spend in the wild. 

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In addition to the various other critters roaming in the jungles of Costa Rica, where the competition series is filmed, there are tens of thousands of recorded insect species. In fact, the travel blog Two Weeks In Costa Rica noted there are 35,000 recorded insect species but experts estimate there could be upward of 300,000.

Many are harmless and recognizable like beetles, moths, and, yes, cockroaches. Another travel blog, Costa Rica Guide, compiled a list of the most picturesque bugs in the country. The list runs the gamut of gorgeous to downright creepy. However, what most of them have in common is that they're relatively harmless to human beings. In fact, unless you’re choosing to brave the elements as the contestants on “Snake In The Grass” do, you’re unlikely to encounter most of these bugs while passing through the country as a traveler in hotels or other resorts. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a handful of dangerous bugs people should be on the lookout for. The one that immediately jumps to the forefront of most lists is ants. Expat Focus reports that 25 percent of the nation’s land-bound animals are represented by ants alone. While many species are harmless, a handful are known to bite human beings. The munch of a leaf-cutter or fire ant can bring even the most hardened human to tears. So, ensuring you watch where you’re stepping and where you’re putting unprotected skin is crucial. 

Unfortunately, those two species of ants are child’s play when compared to bullet ants, whose sting is likened to being shot — hence the name. Not only is the pain unbearable, but it also sticks around for up to 24 hours. On the bright side, they help control the population of other insects like roaches and ants. 

Another common insect variety that can plague the unprepared in the jungles of Costa Rica is mosquitos. While they themselves are not deadly to humans, the disease carried by them can be. In short, mosquitos are nothing to take lightly.

Spiders are abundant in Costa Rica as well. However, it’s worth noting that only a handful pose any threat to humans … but unfortunately, for the ones that do, that threat is great. The country is home to banana spiders, also known as Brazilian wandering spiders. They are recognized as having some of the most toxic venoms to humans. Luckily, per Healthline, the bites aren’t lethal, but if you’re in the middle of the jungle, the symptoms they cause can make it so you struggle to get back to the safety of civilization without a travel partner. 

In short, there are plenty of insects the average contestant on “Snake In The Grass” is likely to encounter during their time in the jungle. Fortunately, most of them are harmless and some are even beautiful.

“Snake In The Grass” airs Mondays at 11/10c on USA Network. Meanwhile, you can catch plenty of other game shows on Peacock now.

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