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The Snake Reveals Themselves Early On In Episode 5 Of 'Snake In The Grass'

Cirie Fields, Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, Rachel Reilly, and Janelle Pierzina were all familiar with each other before coming onto "Snake In The Grass," making for a tough game.

By Becca van Sambeck
Snake In The Grass 105 Preview

On Episode 5 of "Snake In The Grass," viewers are greeted by some familiar faces: Cirie Fields, Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, Rachel Reilly, and Janelle Pierzina. Both Cirie and Stephenie are "Survivor" fan favorites, while Rachel and Janelle have made their mark on "Big Brother" and "Snake In The Grass." But on this show, we know for sure one of the four is a Snake. So who is it?

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The four are all delighted when they meet each other on the beach, but definitely concerned when they learn the concept of the game — and the  first clue doesn't clear up matters. Host Bobby Bones tells them, "The young Snake went fishing with tackle and bait, she loved to think and contemplate. In school she joined a squad that had spirit, grew up to speak her mind, and let everyone hear it."

The challenge provides another opportunity to discover the Snake, as they're told two crates are hanging high in the jungle. They have to use slingshots to shoot a rope up to the crates, which they then scale to reach them and drop the crates to the ground. Inside the crates are maps that direct them to the next clue. While Stephenie is able to knock a crate to the ground, they ultimately lose when Rachel is unable to read the map and find the clue.

At camp, they're told they have another shot at finding a clue — which is when the big twist comes. Viewers watch as Stephenie finds the clue by herself — and then proceeds to dump it in the swamp. She admits to the camera that yep, she's the Snake! The clue pointed too clearly to her, referencing her brothers and the fact she was a Hero on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

Rachel is suspicious of Stephenie being all out of breath in the swamp and continues to search it looking for the clue, but ultimately Stephenie hid it too well. Still, she's obviously raised some red flags for everyone else.

In the next challenge, the four have to find the tools needed to assemble a boat, which they'll use to go to a buoy, which has a key suspended underneath it. They have to bring it back to shore to unlock the box with the final clue. During the challenge, though, Stephenie tries to sabotage them: She flips the boat. However, Rachel, who says she is a strong swimmer, manages to bring it to shore and clear her name.

The clue is pretty damning for Stephenie: "The snake loves games both physical and mental, she spends lots of time at church and at Temple." Stephenie has spoken out about going to church and attending Temple University. Combined with the boat flip, it seems to all be over despite her attempts to blame it on Janelle at the Snake Pit.

Stephenie is successfully identified at the Snake Pit. She admits she loves fishing and was on the cheer squad, and that she discarded the clue.

"To play the Snake against people who know you is basically impossible," she says, although Stephenie adds, "I had a lot of fun!"

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