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Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch Reveal Top 5 Sports Figures They'd Make WWE Villains

According to Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, multiple athletes have very-punchable faces and they'd like to see them in WWE!

By Chris Phelan
Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins pose for a red carpet photo at an event.

The whirlwind press tour for Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch continued this week as the two WWE Superstars prepared the fans for an unforgettable Money in the Bank on July 1.

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Hot on the heels of their appearance on NBC's TODAY, the World Heavyweight Champion and The Man took their talents to ESPN, where they appeared on the hit morning show First Take. It must have been a busy day for the real-life couple, as they seemingly didn't even have time for a wardrobe change in between appearances!

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch Take Aim at Fellow Athletes

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins pose for a red carpet photo at an event.

While their appearance on TODAY focused on the Money in the Bank 2023 and their daughter, First Take catered to the sports fan in all of us by giving Seth and Becky an important task: Give the world their top five sports figures who would make perfect WWE villains! Unsurprisingly, the duo was up to the challenge

Here's Seth and Becky's top five, in reverse order:

Bill Belichick – NFL Coach

Photo of Bill Belichick

"He's great, he's championship material," said Seth. "He's got it all – he's got the pedigree, he's got the dynasty, he's got the look, he's got the sweater top, but he's got a scowl. He's got a mean mug, and he's not afraid to take a shortcut when he needs to. Just saying: DeflateGate. Hey, I've been there – You've gotta win at all costs."

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Much like the deflated-football controversy that swept the sports world in 2015, Seth cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 31 against Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns is the perfect example of bending the rules to your advantage. We're not surprised the longtime New England Patriots coach made the list. After all, Seth himself said Belichick reminds him of classic WWE villain managers like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. 

Katie Taylor – Professional Boxer

Katie Taylor, left, and Chantelle Cameron during their undisputed super lightweight championship fight.

"We have an Irish lady – her name is Katie Taylor, a killer," stated Becky. "Damn near unbeatable, but also a silent killer. Very dangerous, but also possibly one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet. You would think that is a good thing. Maybe she is too nice. What is she hiding? Maybe she's hiding something, maybe she's up to something. Maybe that's how she lures you in, and then, right when she's got you, cuts the legs right from under you."

The reigning undisputed lightweight champion of the world, Katie Taylor, makes the top five because clearly Lynch sees a lot of similarities between them. It's not just the Irish accent, both possess an uncanny ability to turn their aggression up past the no return, which historically has led to multiple championships for both women. 

In order to be a perfect WWE villain, you need to have a kind demeanor that you can use to lure opponents into a false sense of security, and both Katie and Becky have that quality – and then some!

LeBron James – NBA Legend

LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers throws up chalk prior to a game against the Denver Nuggets on January 15, 2022

"He's constantly compared to some of the greatest of all time, but everybody's got an opinion about LeBron," professed Seth. "It's either, 'He's the greatest of all time,' or 'He's never gonna be Kobe. He's never gonna be Mike.' You know what? He shrugs it off. He smokes a cigar. He hangs out on a yacht. He does whatever LeBron wants to do. It's his world, we're all just living in it. He's very, very easy to dislike. He's too good. He can't be beat."

The World Heavyweight Champion isn't wrong. Ever since King James famously "took his talents to South Beach," he's been the NBA superstar fans worldwide have loved to hate. Nobody can deny, however, that hating LeBron James also means begrudgingly accepting his greatness, and that's precisely the point Seth was making to the WWE Universe.

Think of all the great villains in WWE history, from Superstar Billy Graham to Triple H to Roman Reigns, the most dominant Superstars also commanded a great deal of respect from the locker room and the WWE Universe. Let's cross our fingers that Rollins doesn't fall down the villain rabbit hole anytime soon. He tends to do so quite often, after all. 

Sean O'Malley – UFC Fighter

Sean O'Malley preparing to fight Andre Soukhamthath

It seems Becky Lynch was not in a good mood in the First Take studios because she held nothing back in her assessment of UFC bantamweight fighter Sean O'Malley.

"He's colorful, he's cocky, he's a loudmouth, he's got the most punchable face in all of sports," Becky declared. "Look at him: Terrible tattoos. How could you not hate this guy? Look at his hair: Full clown hair. He's got face tats – awful face tats. You just want to punch him right in the face. That's a heel."

Becky is right on the money: You can't be a true villain in WWE without having an incredibly punchable face. Just ask The Miz.

Aaron Rodgers – NFL Quarterback

Photo of Aaron Rogers

Savvy members of the WWE Universe know that Rollins is one of the world's biggest Chicago Bears fans, so it shouldn't surprise anyone when he revealed that Aaron Rodgers topped his list of biggest potential WWE villains. 

"Speaking of punchable faces, we're going all the way to number one – a little personal for me – this is Aaron Rodgers," said Seth as he wrapped up the top five. "You wanna talk about punchable faces, this guy has got the most punchable face in all the NFL – and he knows it, too. He knows it. He's cocky. He's got swag. He goes out there, tells the Bears he owns you. 'I own you'? I think there was some profanity involved there. We won't go there with that. But this is Aaron Rodgers we're talking about."

Of course, Seth is referring to Rodgers sealing a victory for his Green Bay Packers on the road against the Bears in 2021 and famously telling the crowd, "I own you!" 

It's clear that the World Heavyweight Champion is still harboring some significant resentment against the NFL legend for that moment, and we're sure Seth would want nothing more for Aaron Rodgers to come to the WWE and meet him inside the ring to defend the honor of Bears fans everywhere. 

Nevertheless, we love when Seth and Becky openly antagonize anyone, and when they do it in front of a nationwide audience with beloved sports figures in their crosshairs, it makes it even better. So now that they have sufficiently raised the ire of a handful of famous athletes, there's only one thing left for the couple to do: Dominate Money in the Bank 2023.

You can tune in to Peacock to watch WWE's Money in the Bank on July 1. In the meantime, catch up on all things WWE Universe on Peacock as well.

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