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The Miz, Nikki Cross Share Thoughts on Intercontinental Title As WWE Gets Set For Pivotal Draft

Unsurprisingly, WWE Superstars are going through a range of emotions ahead of the 2023 WWE Draft!

By Chris Phelan
Wwe Intercontinental Title The Miz

It's understandable if the WWE Universe feels like they haven't been able to catch their breath lately. Now that WrestleMania has come and gone, many fans expected things to calm down in WWE – but as it turns out, the post-WrestleMania season in 2023 has been a rollercoaster ride in the best way. 

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Tonight, the 2023 WWE Draft kicks off on SmackDown and is scheduled to wrap up during Monday Night RAW. When the dust settles, the rosters across RAW, SmackDown, and NXT will be turned upside down, ushering in a near era of WWE. It's an exciting time to be a fan – and arguably an even more exciting time to be a WWE Superstar!

The Miz Takes a Shot at GUNTHER, Wants the Intercontinental Championship Back

Earlier today, USA Network caught up with The Miz and Nikki Cross with one goal: To find out where their heads are ahead of the game-changing WWE Draft happening mere hours from now.

The Miz wasted no time in letting reigning Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER know that Miz intends to go after the title if both Superstars end up on the same brand.

"I'm really hoping that the Intercontinental title comes to my show because it's a title that I have loved since I was a child – and I want it back," he told us. "And I think GUNTHER has done a phenomenal job at making it what I made it – which was relevant and prestigious. I started that trend and he's kept it going. But I want that title back. So I want to see titles change, and I want to see the Intercontinental title come to whatever show I'm at."

Those are strong words from the eight-time Intercontinental Champion, but we don't blame Miz for targeting GUNTHER. The Miz last held the title in 2018, and another Intercontinental Championship reign would tie him with Chris Jericho for most of all time. Of course, that's easier said than done: GUNTHER's reign is approaching the year mark, and Imperium's leader shows no signs of slowing down. Still, that's a matchup the WWE Universe would happily sign up for.

Nikki Cross Talks About the Human Element of the WWE Draft

Wwe Intercontinental Title Nikki Cross

Emotions naturally run high on draft day, and Nikki Cross revealed that she's just like us as she explained how she naturally overthinks every aspect of the draft process.

"Feelings of excitement, nervousness – you just don't know where you're going to go," she confessed. "Are you going to be on RAW? Are you going to be on SmackDown? What locker room are you going into? Who are you going to travel with? There's so many different emotions and feelings and thoughts. You just kind of have to let go because you're not in control. So the best thing to do is kind of sit back, and – with a cup of coffee – see what happens. Just let it be."

The little things in life matter most, and it's no different for WWE Superstars. Even relatively minor things like which Superstars you'll travel with or how you'll be accepted into a new locker room go through the heads of most men and women. (We have to hand it to Nikki, though – she smiled through her entire frenzied explanation of her feelings.)

The Miz Is As Confident As Ever Ahead of the WWE Draft

When you have the longevity of The Miz, though, you've seen it all by now. The 2023 version of the WWE Draft is more or less business as usual. In true Miz fashion, his confidence shined through when he explained his history with the process. 

"Every time there was a draft, I knew I was getting drafted," he confessed. "It was just 'you're going to SmackDown, you're going to RAW, RAW, SmackDown. You have to almost – not necessarily reinvent yourself – but you have to reintroduce yourself to an audience. Because as much as we'd like to say, 'Oh, it's SmackDown and RAW, it's all WWE,' there are different audiences to these different shows."

Maybe Miz is being bashful, but we don't think out of all Superstars, he has to worry about reintroducing himself to a new audience! After all, We think that no matter which brand he ends up on, the WWE Universe will shower him with plenty of boos. 

In the end, as a WWE Superstar, it doesn't matter where you end up – what matters is where everybody else ends up. 

"I like to see where everyone's going and who are new Superstars that I can compete against," Miz told us.

The fireworks begin tonight on SmackDown and continue on Monday Night RAW on USA. The table is set for anything to happen. Titles can change brands, tag teams can be split up, and NXT Superstars can be called up to the main roster – everyone in WWE has been instructed to expect the unexpected!

Get ready, WWE Universe; everything is about to change.

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