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These Are The Most Shocking, Memorable Medical Moments On 'Royal Pains'

Never forget that one time Hank Lawson used Christmas lights to make a pacemaker on "Royal Pains."

By Becca van Sambeck
Royal Pains Best Episodes8

"Royal Pains" is about a lot of things: former doctor Hank Lawson's (Mark Feuerstein) relationships with his friends and family, the bizarre happenings amongst the wealthy in the Hamptons, Hank's desire for redemption as he battles chronic pain ... but the main reason many viewers kept tuning in was to see the clever ways Hank would tackle medical mysteries each week.

Hank, as fans will recall, was a celebrated emergency room doctor in New York City until he was wrongly fired after an incident involving a hospital benefactor. After moving to the Hamptons, he stumbles his way into becoming a medical concierge of sorts for the Hamptons community — although he tries to balance treating the rich with helping those who are truly in need.

Along the way, Hank handles all sorts of strange and fascinating emergencies, including hot tub rashes, lightning injuries, heart attacks, hepatitis, unexpected labor, and more.

As he doesn't have a hospital lab or fancy tools anymore, Hank often has to resort to getting creative with how he treats people. We'll never forget when he used Christmas string lights to make a pacemaker, or when he and medical assistant Divya (Reshma Shetty) used a ship's rigging to help heal a patient's chest injury. You can see more of these shockingly inventive medical inventions in the video, below.

Be aware: It's not exactly for the faint of heart.

Of course, this video only scrapes the surface of what Hank was able to accomplish during eight seasons of "Royal Pains." To see what else he was able to conjure up, get settled in for a re-watch — or maybe a first-time watch! — on Peacock.

You can stream every episode of "Royal Pains" now on Peacock.

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