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Who Ends Up Together On 'Royal Pains'?

"Royal Pains" dealt with matters of the heart both medically and emotionally throughout its eight-season run.

By Brian Silliman
Royal Pains characters Hank Lawson and Divya Katdare

Are independent medical practitioners capable of love? They absolutely are, at least as far as “Royal Pains” is concerned. 

The USA series ran for 8 seasons from 2009 to 2016 and boasts a total of 104 episodes. It followed disgraced Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) as he attempted to forge a new medical life in the Hamptons as a “concierge doctor” to the rich.

The real magic of Hank’s new medical lease on life was the new relationships he made, and there was plenty of romance in the IV drips for everyone involved. If you want to relive the pumping blood and lustful sparks of the series, it is streaming on Peacock right now. If you want to wistfully remember how the love life of Dr. Lawson (and the other main characters) wrapped up, then read on. 

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Before we get to how Hank “He Probably Loves Valentine’s Day In Secret” Lawson ends up, let’s look at how some of the other characters on the show fared. One of the most interesting pairings that the series offered had to do with Hank’s brother, Evan (Paulo Costanzo). He had quite a time with Paige (Brooke D’Orsay), and their liaison began in classic fashion: she had Evan pretend to be her boyfriend. 

They played pretend pretty well. Sparks flew fast and free, and by the time the show reached Season 4, Evan and Paige were married. The finale of the series confirms that they stayed married. Thanks to the finale’s three-year flash forward, we can rest easy knowing that they are still yoked together and they have expanded their family. Clearly, they took their pretend relationship very seriously. Frankly, this path to finding love should be discussed more than it is. 

The love life of Divya Katdare (Reshma Shetty) definitely took some turns. Her no-nonsense parents put her through the wringer when she broke off her arranged engagement to Raj (Rupak Ginn). Love, just like life, found a way… Divya and Raj wound up falling in love later on in the show. Raj proposed, Divya accepted, and she’s pregnant in the final season. 

Divya had other characters interested in her, with Jeremiah Sacani (Ben Shenkman) being one of them. He was into her while she was dating someone else, but later in the series, they ended up playing house. She didn’t like it when he started messing around with a bartender. Luckily, that bartender ended up leaving town anyway, so it wasn’t a huge deal. That’s not true, Jeremiah cried about it. 

Jeremiah likely ends up with Cindy Greene (Maria Dizzia), aka C.G. Leviathan. She is Jeremiah’s favorite author, and he both treats her and helps her with her book series. He really can do it all! Give him a pair of roller skates and a murder to solve and he’d be Dick Van Dyke. 

Right before the finale, Hank’s father Eddie (Henry Winkler) marries Ms. Newberg (Christine Ebersole), a devotee of plastic surgery who recurs throughout the entire series. We find this heartwarming because it gives resolution to Ms. Newberg and it also involves Henry Winkler. 

As for Hank himself? The finale pulled a twist and gave longtime fans of the series something that they desperately wanted. It reunited him with Jill (Jill Flint), after teasing the possibility earlier in the season. Hank and Jill were fire and straw from the start, but it was a rough ride thanks to Jill’s husband, Charlie. All hope seemed lost when Jill left the series, even though she was pivotal to the beginning of Hank's story. 

Hank had a number of other relationships, but his ending up with Jill was inevitable. Co-showrunner Andrew Lenchewski said as much  in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. 

“It really just felt to us like Jill Casey was ultimately the reason that Hank stayed in the Hamptons in the first place and it really felt like dramatically, poetically, karmically, the right ending was for the two of them to end up together,” Lenchewski explained. 

Hank and Jill are still entwined in the finale's three-year flash forward. They visit Evan and Paige, so it's all a big festival of love and medicine. 

To paraphrase "A Midsummer Night’s Dream": The course of true love at HankMed never did run smooth. Thankfully, most of the “Royal Pains” characters got there in the end.

“Royal Pains” is streaming on Peacock right now. Happy Valentine’s Day from every doctor in the Hamptons. 

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