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Will 'Royal Pains' Ever Return To TV? Here's What We Know About A Reunion

"Royal Pains" ended its run in 2016, but fans are still hoping they haven't seen the last of the HankMed crew. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Royal Pains Cast

One of the most popular original series on USA Network, “Royal Pains” ended its successful run after eight seasons and more than 100 episodes in 2016. But almost seven years later, a lot of fans are wondering if they’ve truly seen the last of the gang from HankMed.

The story ended with everyone finally moving on from the Hamptons bound for new and exciting adventures, even if they’re not all together anymore, as “Royal Pains” was one of those wonderful series finales that left fans knowing the characters are going to be OK. Still, with a lot of life left to live but no show to capture the characters' antics, fans would love nothing more than to catch up with Hank, Evan, Divya, and everyone else. 

Unfortunately for them, there's been no concrete talks of any kind of revival since the 2016 finale. However, that doesn’t mean there haven't been ideas percolating since the moment the final episode was finished. 

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Shortly after the final episode, co-creator/co-showrunner Andrew Lenchewski and co-showrunner Michael Rauch spoke with Deadline to discuss where they imagine the characters will be in five years' time (roughly 2021). 

In their minds, Hank and Jill, who finally got together  at the end of the series, would be “globetrotting, saving lives, and raising their own kids.” They believe Evan would be running a successful hospital and helping those in need. He and Paige would finally have been married and co-running an antique store as well. They see Divya as finally being content in her career as a doctor while also raising kids of her own. Jeremiah will “win a Lasker Award, and just miss out on a Novel Prize for his work decoding genetic disorders,” while Boris does important work in a volatile country. 

They stopped short of sharing more details in the hopes that some day they’ll be able to present these stories on TV once again. 

In fact, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, executive producer Michael Rauch noted that the show was written with a future in mind for the characters for that exact reason. 

“Where the show ends, there’s the promise and the suggestion of what’s to come next. We are so thrilled and grateful to have had eight amazing seasons,” he said. “My guess is, if a miracle happened, we would find a way to continue telling our stories.” 

While it wasn’t for a new episode, the cast did in fact get back together for a reunion in 2021 for a table read of the final episode at ATX with all the proceeds from the live event going to benefit national hunger relief for the organization Feeding America, according to Us Weekly

You can catch up on more “Royal Pains” episodes on Peacock right now. 

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