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USA Insider Race to Survive: New Zealand

Divorced Race to Survive: New Zealand Contestants Explain Relationship Timeline: Watch

During an argument about whether or not to go after the food cache, Paulina and Creighton reveal a bit more about their relationship.

By Caitlin Busch
I'm Here to Listen: Race to Survive: New Zealand E2 Sneak Peek

Would you take on the challenge of a lifetime with your ex? In this preview for Race to Survive: New Zealand's second episode, contestants Creighton Baird and Paulina Peña give viewers some insight into their past relationship — and the kind of arguments that separated them in the first place.

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During a conversation about whether or not they will go out of their way to find the hidden cache of food, Paulina says she doesn't think they should risk it; the teams behind them are too close for her comfort.

Paulina explains her relationship with ex-husband and teammate Creighton

"Getting a bag of thousands of calories that will sustain us for days going into the second tougher, harder race with stiffer competition makes more sense than placing higher in the first race," Creighton responds. 

From there, they get snippy with each other, and in a confessional, Paulina gives some insight into their relationship — or, rather, their lack of one.

"We got divorced five months ago," she says. "So it's still very fresh. I think there's just a lot of differences in the two of us. And we thought y'know let's go to therapy and we'll work on this together. And that way we can be the best versions of ourselves that we can be so that we can compete at our best." 

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On the trail, the pair come to a consensus: forgo the food cache that contains beef jerky, dried cranberries, muesli, and couscous in order to push ahead.

Jeff & Coree Go for the Food Cache

Jeff Watterson and Coree Woltering

Meanwhile, ultramarathoners Coree Woltering and Jeff Watterson are just a mile behind Creighton and Paulina. But rather than sprint ahead, they're more focused on reaching the hidden cache of food that will provide them with the necessary calories to keep going.

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"We're not just looking toward survival camp, we're looking toward the next week," Jeff explains.

Will they make it to next week? Find out when a new episode of Race to Survive: New Zealand airs on USA Network on Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT.