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Romance, Feuds & Tears: The Biggest Reveals From 'The Traitors' Season 1 Reunion Special

Hosted by Andy Cohen, "The Traitors" Season 1 reunion special on Peacock delivered new details and plenty of tears.

By Caitlin Busch
The Traitors Reunion Special

After a season of backstabbing, betrayal, and iconic outfits from host Alan Cumming, "The Traitors" is back on Peacock with a new episode. Only this time, it's a reunion special hosted by Andy Cohen, who's borrowing the reins from Cumming to ask "The Traitors" Season 1 cast some burning questions.

Season winner Cirie Fields — who took home the $250,000 grand prize after successfully hiding in plain sight as a Traitor — was joined by her fellow competitors to reflect on the season and shed more than a few tears.

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Of course, the drama was there. Michael Davidson and Cody Calafiore spent some time ripping into each other, and so did Cody and Cirie. (Cody was busy.) There was also an entire section focused on Kate Chastain's polarizing performance, and a chance for the finalists to reflect on the emotional finale.

Here are our favorite revelations from "The Traitors" Season 1.

Everyone's Having Kids!

As Andy Cohen said, there must have been something in the water at the castle because four of the competitors have either had a kid or are expecting. Kate Chastain is pregnant (due May 8); Andie had a son, Milo, with their wife, Jess; Ryan Lochte's wife, Kayla Rae Reid, is pregnant with their third child; and Quentin also now has a 5-month-old daughter.

What Is Cirie Doing With Her Winnings? 

"I haven't really made any big purchase or anything," Cirie told Andy, though she did confirm that she plans to buy a house for her mom. She also didn't consider splitting the prize money with her two remaining competitors, Andie and Quentin, due to the prize pot being $250,000 rather than something like $1 million.

Christian And Geraldine Are Dating

It turns out "The Traitors" wasn't just about backstabbing and muhr-der (as Alan Cumming would say) — love connections were also made in the Scottish Highlands. Christian de la Torre and Geraldine Moreno have been on several dates and are seeing where their connection takes them.

Kate, being the wonderful pot-stirrer she is, immediately declared that the two of them would make "the first 'Traitors' baby," which got big laughs and plenty of teasing from the rest of the cast.

And because Christian is who he is, he still can't spell Geraldine's name.

Kate's Note

Fans of the series will remember when Kate got a little lax with a list of potential Traitors she was working on during the show, which resulted in even more suspicion being hurled her way. Everyone wondered why she was so careless. 

Her response during the reunion was pitch-perfect: "Yeah, I mean, whoopsies."

Rachel was quick to jump in with a challenge. "In my opinion, coming from a background of being on reality shows, I would never put anything in writing!" she said. Kate cited the overwhelming, new situation she'd found herself in and the fact that she's a "visual learner." 

Kate vs. Arie

In a recent interview with USA Insider, Kate said that she would want an "apologize to Kate" section in the reunion special, and while that didn't fully come to fruition for her, she did finally get to confront Arie about referring to her as a "cancer" in the group.

"You know, I'm just going to give friendly advice. I would just stop using that term in general because it's like pretty seriously offensive term," Kate told Arie. "And then I didn't love that in interviews after the show, you still were like doubled down. Because I thought for sure you'd be like, you know, 'We're in the game. It's stressful in the castle, but we're great," but you were like, 'No, she was.'"

She accused Arie of being the real cancer of the group given that he'd betrayed his fellow Faithful by turning Traitor.

Arie's response, that he felt like they could actually be allies after he turned Traitor didn't impress Kate, who pointed out that he was still using her as a human shield 'til the end.

"Thank you so much!" she said with clear sarcasm.

When Did Cirie Decide To Betray Arie?

Cirie revealed that her decision to continue the game and turn the tables on Arie came at the very last minute.

"When I'm thinking about splitting the money with Arie, I'm like, this has been a lot. It was hard. It wasn't easy. As much games that I play in 'Survivor,' it was not easy being a Traitor from day one and having to go into these breakfasts every day and having to go into this roundtable. And Arie came in one murder out. So thinking about it, I'm like I went through a lot, it was really hard for me, and I didn't think it was as fair to just give him half of the money," she said.

Have The Remaining Faithful Forgiven Cirie?

Quentin and Andie had plenty to say about how betrayed they felt by Cirie — with Andie calling the experience "visceral," and Quentin describing it as "devastating." And because Cirie and Andie were so close from day one, Andie was especially hurt. The main issue, they said, was that they felt as though Cirie had used their family and personal situations to manipulate them.

However, once they'd been given a chance to air their grievances and Cirie was able to tell Andie just how much their relationship meant to her, they shared a tearful hug.

"The Traitors" will return for Season 2 — same castle, new players. In the meantime, you can rewatch all of "The Traitors" Season 1 on Peacock.

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