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It Won't Be Long Before NXT Crowns Its Undisputed Champions As Titles Merge

We knew Worlds Collide would be epic — but not THIS epic!

By Chris Phelan
Bronn Breakker with a stern look on his face

We’re going to just come out and say it: "Worlds Collide" is shaping up to be the biggest event in NXT history. While we were looking forward to seeing the Superstars of NXT UK tangle with the very best of NXT, we didn’t think their upcoming potential matchups would have such high stakes.

In a shocking development, hot on the heels of the announcement of NXT Europe, NXT UK will be going on hiatus — meaning their championships will be unified with NXT’s titles on Sept. 4!

To put it simply (and much more excitedly), NXT will be crowning undisputed champions in less than two weeks!

It will be an epic night indeed.

And so it seems like taking advantage of much-needed rest isn’t an option for Bron Breakker and Mandy Rose, both just one week removed from successfully defending their respective championships.

Tyler Bate took center stage last night, picking up an impressive victory over Von Wagner, giving the WWE Universe a refresher course on his high-impact style inside the ring:

What was so impressive about Tyler Bate’s performance wasn’t the win itself but the relative ease he had executing his game plan against a man of Von Wagner’s size. Yes, there were points in the match where Wagner had the upper hand, but at no point did a Bate victory seem anything but inevitable.

Tyler Bate is nicknamed “Big Strong Boy” for a reason, and that’s what the Capitol Wrestling Center was chanting at the end of the match as Bate flew off the top rope with his dazzling corkscrew senton bomb.

Bron Breakker has warded off all comers who have been trying to take the NXT Championship away from him, but there hasn’t been a Superstar across the ring from the champ quite like Tyler Bate.

Just yesterday, we reminded the WWE Universe to expect the unexpected in NXT and that rang true last night, as we found out that Mandy Rose wouldn’t be defending her NXT Women’s Championship against newcomer Blair Davenport.

Instead, she’ll be putting it on the line against Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura, the reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion in a Triple Threat match to unify the titles!

Under Triple Threat rules, the champion doesn’t have to be pinned to lose their championship. Which means that Mandy Rose’s glorious 300-plus-day reign as champion could come to a sudden halt — without her even being pinned.

For months, Mandy Rose has wanted nothing more than her competitors (and the WWE Universe) to put some respect on her name.

If — and that’s a big if — Mandy Rose can walk out of "Worlds Collide" as the undisputed NXT Women’s Champion, it’s safe to say that respect on her name will be all but guaranteed. But both Blair and Meiko are beyond capable of unifying the titles themselves, and with a match this frenetic and fast-paced slated to happen in just under two weeks, we’re preparing ourselves for every outcome imaginable.

Just to make things official, all five competitors met at the end of last night’s episode to collectively sign on the dotted line.

There were no tables broken. There was no name calling. There was no blood. There were simply five of the best Superstars in all of NXT agreeing to matchups that will change the course of wrestling history.

Bron Breakker will face his toughest physical challenge to date in Tyler Bate, while Mandy Rose is facing insurmountable odds as she finds that making it one full year as NXT Women’s Champion may be harder than she anticipated.

In less than two weeks, titles will be unified and new undisputed champions will be crowned as NXT UK goes out to pasture in preparation for the launch of NXT Europe next year.

The stakes will never be as high as they’ll be at "Worlds Collide."