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Love Undercover Stars Reveal Telltale Signs Someone Wants Them for Their Fame

Luckily, on Love Undercover, the international soccer players get to pretend to just be regular guys.

By Stephanie Gomulka

Even without their superstar status as professional soccer players, Lloyd Jones and Sebastian Fassi remain popular with the ladies on Love Undercover.

They join Jamie O’Hara, Ryan Babel, and Marco Fabián looking for love without having to fear the ladies may only want them for their fame, money, or social media followings.  

Each of the players were given less-glamorous job titles and pretended they weren’t soccer players for the Peacock dating show, Love Undercover. Fassi and Lloyd joined the show to see how dating would be if they weren't famous. As a result, they have some insight into dating with the looming specter of fame all around them. Recently, they shared with USA Insider the signs a woman outside of the show is only flirting with them because they’re famous.

How Lloyd Jones and Sebastian Fassi Tell if a Woman is Only Interested in Fame

Jones can tell everything he needs to know about a girl from just the conversation they share together.

“She just may come out with something that just sort of makes you realize, whether that be with like, she seems to be in the know and knows every footballer or what's sort of going on,” Jones said about the hypothetical fan girl. “I think that’s a big tell.”

Plus, if the woman frequents nightclubs and he’s spotted her at someone else’s table often.

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“Then you go back there three weeks later and she’s on a different one’s table,” Jones said. “I think they’re the two biggest tells for me.”

For Fassi, a major sign is a “lack of gratitude.”

“Show me what you really want because when a girl thinks that she kind of deserve[s] that and she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that you’re doing something nice for her, you can actually tell,” Fassi said.

Sebastian Fassi appears in Love Undercover Season 1 Episode 2.

Fassi can tell if a girl is looking for a type of lifestyle or behavior right away.

“Obviously, the way they behave around you,” Fassi furthered described the instant red flags. “I think that being a soccer player for a long time, you actually get to know them. It doesn’t even take one date or two dates. You can actually just see them and…know what they’re looking for.”

He thinks the current culture focused on Instagram and a “lack of values” contributes to people trying to seek out fame.

“Today, it’s easier for you to tell what…a girl is looking for,” Fassi said.

Do Lloyd Jones and Sebastian Fassi Find an Authentic Match on Love Undercover?

You’ll just have to keep tuning in to find out for sure, but both teased some of what’s to come in new episodes, including women who caught their attention,

“There’s one thing that gives it away,” Lloyd said nervously about who he connected with the most. “She was just a nice girl, sort of like a girl’s girl, but that’s all I can really say."

Sophia and Lloyd Jones in Love Undercover Season 1 Episode 1.

Fassi found it tough to make a final decision because he bonded with a lot of ladies on the show.

“Then we actually did create…a nice connection." Fassi said. “You actually start to care for the other person. You start to actually love her.”

He didn’t reveal his final choice, but he noted it all works out in the end.

“I don’t regret absolutely nothing,” Fassi said about his experience filming.

Find out more about the player’s relationships and how they turn out by watching the first 3 episodes of Love Undercover on Peacock now. With an additional 3 episodes dropping both on Thursday, May 16 and Thursday, May 23.

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